Wednesday, February 25, 2015

What I get for mocking the weather

more snow!  LOL!  It isn't really that much snow again, but it is snowing.

I woke up this morning thinking... I should make some Chicken broth.  Okay to tell the truth, what I really wanted was Chicken Tortilla soup.  For that I needed broth.  So off to work...ish.

As my coffee was brewing, I grabbed two chicken carcasses out of the freezer (yes, I save such things!)  While digging around, I also grabbed a bag of vegetable peelings and a bag of shredded zucchini.  Then from the frig, I got some celery and carrots.  Then from the counter, two onions.  I tossed them all into my stock pot, added some garlic salt (since I never have any real garlic on hand) and some poultry seasoning, peppercorn, and two bay leaves.  Covered the mess with water and enjoyed my coffee, while it came up to a boil and then turned down to a simmer for the day.

When Darly got up, I gave her 3 choices for our dinner...
1) Pizza at church  (mid-week Lenten service!)
2) Chicken Tortilla soup then go to church
3) Chicken Tortilla soup and no church.

She picked the soup and would decide on church it turned out, she didn't have to make that choice... church was cancelled due to the snow.

The soup was perfect for a snowy day.


  1. She picked the soup over pizza! I didn't think she would, LOL. Obviously a good choice considering the weather. I had forgotten about tortilla soup! Sounds wonderfully yummy, especially with fresh snow on the ground.

    Today I'm going to get started on my chevon bones, actually ribs, because Dan isn't a rib eater.

    1. well honestly I didn't make the pizza option all that appealing as it would have been cold cheese pizza because there aren't any heating facilities where we worship.

  2. Just glad you didn't have an accident. Then you would've been like "I'm covered in garlic salt and peppercorn. And it's STICKING to me because of the broth!"