Monday, June 22, 2015

BUSTED!!! ???

Friday I received a call from School Public (this is what my caller ID said).  I didn't answer this call because:
1) I don't answer the phone for any number that I don't for my friends using cell phones, start to leave a message and I'll pick up, because YES, I'm LURKING!  The phone is right in front of me!
2) I don't have any child in public schools so there shouldn't be any reason for them to be calling me!
3) In the past when I HAVE been called by the public schools it has been the elementary school that's just across the way and not related to me at all (I didn't answer that one either!)

Back to this goes to the answering machine and roughly it says this is Mrs Blahblah calling because my child "Jason" (I don't remember the exact name, but it was a boy's name) was absent from school and I needed to call them back about it.

Okay, you may have picked up on this... I don't have a boy child!  and again, I don't have any child in the public school system.  It is summer, so the missing child must be part of the summer school program.  So I didn't call back.

But I did do some googling and found that the number was from a elementary school in the northern part of the next city over from me.

I figured that when they school didn't receive the call back that they were looking for that they would do some research on their own to find out 1) checking that they dialed the correct number.  2) googling the number to see if it goes with the child.

apparently they didn't do any of that because today I got another call!

So I let it go to the machine to verify that it was the same school (stranger things have happened!) and picked up... I immediately said "You have the wrong number."

The gal on the phone said "what?"

I repeated that "you have the wrong number.  I don't live in "your town", I live in "my town." 

I could hear the dawning in her voice (that she had been duped) ... she thanked me for letting her know and we ended the call.

I imagine the scenario at the school... if the child is there today he is called in to explain himself...and if the child is not home some internet searching to find out all they can about him.

I'm guessing that this child gave the school the wrong number and ditched school.  It is possible that the child had tried to give the school the number that is close to mine that now belongs to a local Subway shop, but either way, the number isn't the one attached to his parent.

I would "love" to know the rest of this story...sort of.  Actually, no, don't bother me. 

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