Saturday, June 27, 2015

That's not art!

Today Darly & I went to an Art & Craft "festival"

We headed over pretty late so I parked a bit further from the "festival" than we had to so I could get us a spot in the shade.  It was kinda hot out but not too unbearable...there were lots of bunnies to see on the way.

We get to the "festival" and start looking around.  First off, well the "festival" is all contained in part of just one parking lot.  Hummm not much of a festival in my book.  We had a lot more art to look at when they did Parker Days two weeks ago.  The first booth we come to is a food surprise there.  There were 3 in a row and it is clear the organizers expected crowds to be a lot larger than there were.  There was also a tented "stage" area for live music.  (music should probably also be in quotes, but that's kinda mean.  ;)   )

There were several booths that contained items that were clearly NOT arts or crafts.  I had to fight the urge to ask "did you make these?"... of course I know that they didn't make the books or toys as I have been to these distributor parties before.  :p

We didn't see any art or craft that we needed or like very much.  We probably walked a bit too fast but the walk to and from the "festival" took us longer.  But it had bunnies, so that was cool!

We then headed to Walmart to get more yarn for me to make some crafts with. 


  1. I kept waiting for this story to include the line, "And then I fell in some mud, RUINING the very pants I was returning."

    1. But that's J. Pederman's story...not mine!

  2. Our farmers market is similar. Very disappointing. But then, I suppose organizing a festival isn't a piece of cake.