Friday, August 07, 2009

camping trip

Darly & I went camping and got back yesterday.
of course Lilly came with us!  She had lots of good camp food to eat while we were there.  I am pretty sure she ate a lot of non-food stuff too.  ugh!
When we got there and set up the tent we had a small problem...the tent pole to the front "porch" of my tent broke!!!  (that's the lite blue flap you see hanging in the middle of the tall arch)  So we weren't able to use the front door of the tent and had no porch. :(  I looked up my lovely warrantee on this tent and I'm betting that broken poles falls under normal wear and tear...although I would like to argue that this is faulty design.  That particular pole takes the most pressure of the entire tent.  I could also argue that the company is lucky that I didn't get injured, the break happened right at my face level.  ugh!  Luckily my friend's husband took the pole home and fixed it for me.  Unfortunately, they still have the pole.
This trip I brought with us a screen shelter.  I put it over the table and it gave us a good place to keep the coolers out of the sun so our ice lasted much longer.  The cars got way too hot.another improvement I made for this camping trip was the purchase of the plastic tote bins you can see in the far right corner of the picture (magenta & purple) I think that once I put in my organizing dividers that they'll be just perfect!  as it was for this trip they kept everything watertight and also provided extra work surface when needed.
After the kids went to the beach on Tuesday I was pondering a good way for their swim suits to hang dry.  We aren't allowed to tie anything to the trees in the campground.  However they can't stop us from using our own cars.the old beat up clunker in the rear is mine.  The other car is Marsi's car.  This clothes line was so popular that we ended up with even our friends' stuff.  Luv my luggage rack!
We had good weather and the kids had a blast playing for almost the entire time.  I keep meaning to teach Darly how to cook camping food while we're there.  But I get so caught up in the fun that I don't want to let her do it.  I'm so mean.


  1. Good idea for the clothes line! And I'll bet that Darly always remembers this trip because of that tent pole.

  2. Do you two ever stay home? :)

    Between ya'll and OKC, I've lost my traveling title I think.

  3. What a good way to dry out towels and swimsuits. I like the idea!
    Also, the tent over the picnic table is nice. Here in OK, we have flies and it's impossible to eat without flies trying to eat your food too. It's gross, so the tent thing would be very handy if I ever went camping.

    TC, you'll get your traveling groove back on.

  4. As long as you don't hang your clothes like that at home, you'll be OK :)

    I want a tent.

  5. Awww cute lily!!

    Looks like a fun time! Screen shelter is cool.