Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Updated with photos!

Darly & I went on a vacation road trip with our friends Marsi & K (K is Marsi's dd who is a month older than Darly...they are very good friends.)  We left a few days early for our trip to South Dakota.  We arrived on Saturday and spent what was left of the day just relaxing.  Here's some pictures of the dogs:

On Sunday we went to Church with Marsi's parents - Renae & Dan (doesn't Marsi's mom have a great name?) :D  After Church we watched a movie on DVD and then went to the Mammoth Site in Hot Springs, SD.  Oh yeah, we are staying with Marsi's parents.  On the way to the Mammoth Site we were able to see a bunch of wild life in the Black Hills National Forest...we saw Buffalo, Pronghorns & Deer.  We decided that we really didn't need to go through Custer State Park to do the Wildlife loop.

On Monday we went to Mt Rushmore and then to Crazy Horse monument to see the laser light show.

On Tuesday we went to Bear Country, Jewel Cave and back to Crazy Horse (thank goodness Marsi's parents can get us in for free) to see to museum that we missed on Monday.

On Wednesday we went to Bear Mountain Fire Lookout and to a local mine to look for rocks.  Dan thought the property was on Forestry property but we learned when the owners showed up that it was privately owned.  The owners were very nice and allowed us to keep the rocks we picked up (just quartz & mica) but told us the property would soon be posted to prevent liability issues.  I felt so bad for the owners that they have to face liability if someone gets hurt trespassing on their property.
We also drove through Custer State Park

We'll be driving back home on Thursday.  I'll be updating this post with links and pictures after we return.


  1. Great pictures. Thanks for sharing.
    Did you know we have Bison in OKC? It's true.
    I've always wanted to go to SD! You are the second person I know that went this summer. It must be a popular destination.

  2. What a fun vacation! (even though the girls were bored at some point, lol). Your slide shows are fun to watch, you did a wonderful job!! The bison is impressive, the dogs are cute :)

  3. Wow. The cave looks awesome!

    I thought you were doing some Little House On The Prairie reality tour while you were up there?

  4. I love the pic of Darly in the Jewel Cave entrance! And you two look pretty cute at Mt. Rushmore :)

    I thought you were doing some Little House On The Prairie reality tour while you were up there?

    I thought so, too?

    How come this never showed up in Reader?

  5. What a great trip! Now, as homeschoolers, does Darly have to do any reports or follow up projects?

    Great photos. Darly is really a cutie. Obviously takes after her mom.

  6. I am reading Black Hills by Nora R right now and came across your blog thru a comment you made on facebook. I think its fate that I follow :) I hope that's ok