Friday, August 28, 2009

Miss Communication

well as evidenced by my lack of posting here, that definately isn't my name. LOL!

As you know my house was pelted by hail a few times this summer. And I had the pleasure of calling my insurance company to file the claim. The adjuster came out and did everything so I could get a check for the damages.

However since we have a mortgage the check is payable to the mortgage company TOO! Bad enough that DH's name is on there, but their name is too. The insurance company said to call the mortgage company (although they are supposed to be the same company) to find out about getting it endorsed.

I called the mortgage company. The friendly gal there tells me right off that since my name isn't on the mortgage she can only help me this time...after that I will need authorization.

Let's back up a bit here. When DH & I got the mortgage on the house we were shocked to find out that they had not put my name on it. The title company said they could fix that for us and had us file the paperwork + give them a fee. ummm my name still isn't on the paperwork!!! sigh

So mortgage gal says no problem...just send the check to them and add a copy of the insurance adjuster's worksheet. She will go ahead and send me a Claim packet that I'll need for getting the part of money the insurance holds until the work gets done.

So I get the copies and I'm ready to mail in the check when I get the claim packet. But WAIT A MINUTE! The claim packet tells me that I & DH have to sign the insurance check and the mortgage company will hold the check in escrow until the roof is fixed and they will have the roof inspected and issue the payment checks.

HOLD THE PHONE! I can't call the mortgage company to ask about this again because I'm not DH and don't have authorization (forgot to ask what kind of authorization they wanted). So which do I do?

Now I totally get them wanting to protect their investment. totally! But ummm why didn't mortgage gal tell me this to begin with? Well I'm gonna follow mortgage gal's info and send in just that part and see what happens. LOL! This oughta be fun.

Good thing I'm in no hurry to get the roof done!


  1. Wow, a post by Renee... be still my heart!


    This sounds like quite the hassle! Wow, that's just ridiculous. Does CO have marital property? If so, it shouldn't matter that your name isn't on it... right?

  2. This is not the type of situation I would like to be in so I admire your attitude!

    I am not on our mortgage either, but my name is on the deed. Of course, the mortgage company actually holds that, so if we had a problem, it would obviously fall on DH to handle. My one communication with our insurance company (regarding roof, railing, etc) was ignored by them so I guess I'm not "authorized" either!!!

  3. Are you sure that was hail? Sure looked like snow to me :)