Thursday, September 24, 2009

Because I've got nothing better to do!!!

I've been running to and from the dealership that I bought my car from and it's driving me a bit nuts.

I suppose I could have saved a few of the trips... If I had bought the car on Friday night instead of taking it home and buying it on Saturday. If I had remembered to get the title for my old car before making the deal that would have saved a trip too.

But the dealer caused my trip in this morning... they misplaced my lender's electronic check. so I had to go over there today to take them a new check for that.

And now the lender has sent me yet another form to take back to the dealer because they needed an adendum for the final amount that we are borrowing. UGH!

If I had known that I would need to take this paperwork tonight, I could have had the bank just fax the dealer the paperwork that I took over there this morning and saved myself a trip. I sure wish they had told me that! UGH!

well instead of coming home while Darly is at the gym tonight, I get to drive yet again to the dealer.

boy I sure sound very whiney... sigh!


  1. Thank you for letting me enter! My Mom said I could enter.

  2. Vent away! Stupidity makes me crazy, too.

  3. sounds like you needed a good vent, though! Blergh! hang in there! xo

  4. Surely they've just about got it all, right?

  5. Renee, I feel for you. It seems like business just don't provide service like they used to, doesn't it.

  6. So update us, everything all right? You don't sound whiny. If you want to hear whiny read my post.