Sunday, September 20, 2009

Zhu Zhu Pets – Product Review & Contest!

Parents everywhere: Has your child been begging you for one of those cute Hamsters they see in the pet stores? Your first thought was “How much work is one of these buggers?” If you’ve ever had hamsters before you then already know about all the feeding and cleaning that is involved with real hamsters and UGH who wants to do that again? Right?

A while back we were asked if we would be willing to host a Zhu Zhu Pets party for our friends to try out a new toy. We checked out the website and were excited for this opportunity. Like every other child Darly had been bugging me for a real live hamster because they’re so cute! And now I had this opportunity! YAY!

The day the box arrived Darly’s friend K was visiting. The girls are both 11 so I allowed them to open it up and check out the party kit. The girls immediately were able to set everything up and start having fun with their hamsters. I also allowed the girls to plan the party. We decided to not invite as many kids as the party kit had hamsters for because we wanted to give all the girls a chance to play and so that we could give a few away on our blog…more on that later. This is a shot of the girls playing with the hamster city

Besides the obvious perks of these toys (all the fun of a live hamster without the mess!) there are many other great qualities to these pets!

1) They’re so cute!
2) They make cute noises as they zoom along.
3) The habit trails have something that the hamsters read so the hamsters know what part of the trail they are in and they respond accordingly.
4) Did I mention the cuteness?
5) Your child will be happy with just the hamster toy as they run on any solid surface (they kind hop on carpet which of course leads to more cuteness!)
6) The habit trails are easy to assemble in a variety of ways…unlike a real hamster’s habit trail where once you decide how you’re going to put it together, you better leave it alone or your hamster could escape!
7) When you’re done playing with your hamster, you just turn it off!

We had our party and it was a HUGE success! The girls all loved the hamsters and had fun picking their very own from the four different hamsters (5 more coming soon!) Everyone had a blast putting their hamsters through all its paces. Here is a video of the girls playing…

I think another thing that I loved was finding out how reasonably priced Zhu Zhu Pets are. They'll be available at Walmart, ToysRUs, & soon!

and now... for what you've all been waiting for... the Contest! We have 3 Zhu Zhu Pets to give away. So go earn your chance to win one you'll have to first visit, leave a comment on my blog here with what part of the Zhu Zhu hamster city you like the best and then visit Darly's Blog and leave her a comment too. Only folks who comment on both my blog and Darly's will be entered in the drawing.

The small print I received the Zhu Zhu Pets products you see here for free from BSM Media/MomSelect in exchange for me telling you about them. It was my idea to give away the extra hamsters on my blog.


  1. Anonymous5:59 PM

    Renee, these are too cute. We decided we like the garage and car the best. Their names are adorable too. Num Nums is just too cute.

    Did the girls think they were fun outside of the trail?
    Vikki in VA

  2. I think we definately like the garage the best! Very cute!

  3. OMG they are so cute!! My little girl was watching your video with me and she said "Look mommy you dont even have clean her cage." and we like the ball and the car and garge.

  4. I like the new Woody Wagon car!

  5. And else the new line of hamsters named Kung Zhu Pets.

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