Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Chatting with mom

Sunday morning (yes...I'm just NOW getting to blogging about it! If you read my Facebook you already know about some of this.) as I was leaving my bedroom to come downstairs I heard the unmistakable chirp of my cell phone going off for just 3 or for notes of it's song. Enough to know that it wasn't someone on my call list...see each number stored in my call contact list has it's own ringtone assigned to it. Some of the tones are really humerous (to me anyway) and fit the caller well. I like being able to know who is on the other end of the call before answering.

okay I the phone rang for just a bit and it wasn't someone on my call list. So when I got downstairs I looked at the phone to see who had called and was shocked to see it was my mom's phone number. (yes, I know I'm a bad kid for not having my mom's phone number on my cell phone. but I should tell you that every time I call my mom it's at least a 90 min call and I AM NOT USING MY MINUTES ON THAT!!!)

I'm going to digress again... see I have a cell phone but I have it under protest. I never wanted a cell phone. I don't like them. If you need to reach me via phone, call my land line. If I'm home, I'll answer (usually!) and if I'm not home there's this really neat invention called an answering machine that will record your message for me...if you're really desparate for an answer, perhaps you should email me. Anyway if you're lucky enough to know my cell phone number you've been given directions for it's use...Call the land line first!!!

Okay back to our I see it's mom and I'm in a panic mode. Why is she calling my cell phone?!?!? So from my land line I call her back and my step dad answers. Still in panic mode! why are they calling? Is mom sick again?

Step dad immediately appologizes. See he was setting up the voice mail on mom's phone and accidentally hit the send button...he tried to end the call quickly but not quick enough. But since I called back...why don't I have a chat with mom.

and so we did!

We ended up having a really good chat focused mostly on me this time. See having a deployed hubby and a hail storm and needing a new car...helped me keep the conversation on me. hee hee

So the talking about the hubby part went really fast. He's there and he's hot.

I did get some good info about the hail bit. When I was a kid we had a hail storm and they filed a claim. She said that back then they never saw the insurance check at all. it went directly to the mortgage company who dealt with the contractor after they hired him. So I guess I'll go ahead and send the check to the mortage company for them to deal with it. sigh!

We talked about how I need a new car. She tried very hard to talk me into buying in Lincoln Navigator instead of the Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer. Saying how much nicer it is and well insulated and it comes with roadside assistance & free maintence. Ummm yeah, it also comes with a price tag that is about $15K more!!! After being car payment free for about 10 years now, seeing payments that are upwards of $700 per month is quite shocking enough...I don't need one that rivals my mortgage!!!! So sorry Mom, but NO! I won't be buying a Navigator! I don't need a vehicle that is that big anyway!

I checked yesterday and it seems that the local dealer with the used 2009 Eddie Bauers has sold them. :( They had a few fleet cars that had less than 10K miles on them. sigh so now it's back to the drawing board for my new car. I can buy either an older car with more miles on it...or I can buy a new one. pout pout pout! I really wanted that blue Explorer...or the red one! But alas they are gone. They don't even have any of the Eddie Bauers left.

I cannot believe that it is already September. Where did summer go? I guess I should start bugging the kid about doing school work again. Which means that along with all the house/car and yard stuff I need to get crackin on school stuff too. sigh


  1. I haven't had time for facebook...and now my schedule is tight too. If you find out where summer went, let me know ;)

  2. I havne't been on facebook either, so I feel so out of the loop. HA!
    I'm glad you and your mom were able to have a nice chat, about you. :) II have found that sometimes it's nice to have someone listen to your needs!
    Summer went by fast this year. I'm excited to see school start, but it's always sad to see summer go.

  3. if you're really desparate for an answer, perhaps you should email me.


    Better yet, become your facebook friend ;)

  4. I'm going to digress again

    Haha. That cracked me up. That's GOLD, Jerry!

    You're on Facebook? :)

    So what would my ringtone be if you had my number?

  5. Where is Renee? Anyone seen her?

  6. Update, update, we want an update!

    (Preferably under 1000 words.)