Wednesday, November 04, 2009

dead desktop update

well it's not much of an update really. My friend has removed the hard disk and I am shopping for a data recovery place. Apparently they're quite popular.

I sent an email to the one closest to me asking:

1) how is the data returned to me?

2) aproximately how much does data recovery cost?

they emailed me back "we would love to recover your data for you. Just bring in your hard disk and we'll take a look at it and quote you a price."



Yup! That's all they said! No answer to the questions I asked. The reason I'm asking how the data gets returned is I need to know if their price includes a new hard disk (some places put the old data on a new hard disk that you just put into your computer.) Or will I need to provide them with something to put the data on? I have no idea and when I tried to call them, no one but the voice mail would pick up the phone. sigh

off to look elsewhere.

I've sent an email to a company that's a bit further away but their website has a "request a quote" link. I've requested the quote.


  1. I used a comment form on a website the other day, and when they responded, they told me anything but the exact answer to my question. 8-)

    Hope you get your stuff recovered soon!

  2. I would imagine most computer repair places would have or have access to a new hard drive that they will gladly charge you for.

  3. I agree with Bone. I would be lost of on the computer stuff. I just don't know much about computers. I know...on/off. Sadly, I did not receive computer training when going to school for my MBA.

  4. Sorry to hear you need those guys, good luck!! hope you get your data back...which reminds me to back up my pictures...