Monday, November 02, 2009

desktop died

I'm reporting to you live from my laptop as my desktop computer has died.

It started by giving me the blue screen of death. I some how managed to overcome this a few times, but then alas the desk top was asking me for things I just couldn't give a reboot disk (honestly I think I was supposed to make one when I first plugged in the computer...but I didn't)

So I took my computer to my friend's hubby and he has diagnosed it as having a dead hard drive. He was able to get to the "second hard drive" that I learned isn't really a second drive but the second split of my dead hard drive. :(

so now I get to buy a new hard drive. sigh! and research how to recover all my data that I haven't been backing up.

oh lovely laptop...please don't ever die on me.


  1. Oh no!!!
    Hope you can get your data back...

  2. Oh man, I hope my laptop doesn't give me the blue screen of death anytime soon :(

  3. I love my lappy. I sure hope it never dies on me. What a pain. I hope you find a new desktop ASAP!

  4. I hate when that happens--and it's usually my laptop. I've learned to add nothing, nothing to its touchy innards. Not even a browser update.