Sunday, November 01, 2009

Life in a small-ish town funny

The other day Darly & I were shopping at our local Wallyworld. We had finished our purchase and were waiting for our friends. Darly looks over and says to me "I think I know that guy from somewhere."

I look at who she's talking about...who has now passed us by a bit, but I could tell who it was.

I say to Darly "read the back of his jacket"

She does and now knows who it is... the back of his jacket (a high school letterman style jacket) has in script letters The Mayor. This is the same mayor we had just saw a few weeks ago at the Cemetery Walk who was pretending to be one of the city's founding residents.

Where but in a small town would you see your very own mayor?

But that isn't all, today the mayor was at our local Library...he's there on a regular basis for folks to just come up and discuss city issues with him. He also works at a newby Border's store.
Darly says "I think the mayor is stalking us!" I giggle and say, no we just keep running into him. Luckily he has no idea who we are...wouldn't that be even weirder if we knew the mayor?


  1. What would REALLY be funny is if you saw the mayor again and this time he was wearing an 8-ball jacket, and he recognized you and spoke to you and said, "You got a question? Ask the 8-ball!"

  2. What a great mayor! That's exactly how it should be. Seems most politicians forget who elected them as soon as they get into office and proceed with their own agenda which has nothing to do with the good of the people.