Saturday, October 24, 2009

Listerine Oral Care Challenge Blog Tour

A few weeks ago I was selected to take part in the Listerine Oral Care Challenge. As part of that I was sent a box of Listerine and Reach oral care products.

Darly & I were pretty excited as we have tried some of the products before and liked them already. I was even asked to do a product review on the Listerine Total Care Anticavity Mouthwash before! Here's what we were asked to try this time:

Listerine Total Care anticavity mouthwash. We received some in Icy Mint and in Cinnamint flavor. I really liked being able to try the new flavors, they both taste good and leave your mouth feeling really clean.

Darly was asked to try Listerine Agent Cool Blue tinting Rinse. This product tints the teeth blue so the kids can tell how well they are brushing. Basically they dye their teeth and then brush it all off...still blue? better brush some more! ;o) Darly really likes this as it has a nice bubble gum flavor and it's fun to use.

Also included was the Listerine Smart Rinse anticavity fluoride rinse for kids. This product didn't get as big of a thumbs up from Darly as the Cool Blue, but for one simple reason... the product makes Darly thirsty and to set the product you shouldn't drink for 30 minutes after using it. I suggested that Darly get a drink before brushing her teeth and I haven't heard anything about it since. I guess all is well.

Next up was the Reach Access Flosser with extra disposable heads. And Reach Total Care dental floss. The Access Flosser is GREAT! I loved them so much I had already gone out and bought one for everyone in the family (well, not the dog!) I really like how the flosser holds the floss for you and helps you to reach your teeth so well. The Total Care floss is nice too, it has micro-grooves technology to help clean between your teeth better...that's always helpful for those pesky popcorn bits!

We also received some toothbrushes that we really couldn't use as they're for toddlers and a BatMan toothbrush. I think I'll see if my nephews can use those.

Darly was given a chart with stickers to keep track of her brushing. Well at age 11 that was a bit too childish for her...she used the stickers for about a day or two. However, she was fine with using all the rinse and floss products.

I'm pretty sure our dentist is going to be happy with our nice clean teeth!

If you would like to take the Listerine Oral Care Challenge, just click Listerine or Listerine Kids. Once you get there, take the time to check out the websites! They are terrific. The Listerine Kids web site is full of excellent information and tips for keeping your kids' mouths healthy and clean at any age. Oh, by the way, if you need more incentive - The links I posted above had coupons for the products!

"I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Listerine and Reach and received Listerine and Reach products for the Oral Care Challenge and a gift certificate to thank me for taking the time to participate."

Flu Prevention Steps

Obama declares swine flu national emergency

the following is just my personal opinion (shared by many others) but feel free to ignore it. I think this entire thing is just a bunch of hype! I think that the pharmaceutical companies have lobbied to get the Prez to declare this "emergency" to help boost their sales. Why? Because I know several people who have already had the H1N1 flu and it wasn't any worse than a regular case of the flu. In fact their doctors are telling them to stay home!

As part of the hype I was recently asked to share with you the following Flu Prevention Steps.

People should take simple steps to help prevent the spread of the seasonal and H1N1 flu viruses in their homes:

· Wash Hands Frequently: Wash hands with warm water and soap for at least 20 seconds (the time it takes to sing the “Happy Birthday” song twice).
· Disinfect Germ Hot Spots: Disinfect the surfaces kids touch most frequently – like doorknobs, faucets or plastic toys.
· Do the Elbow Cough: Cough and sneeze into your elbow instead of your hands to help prevent the spread of germs from touch.
· Follow Good Health Guidelines: Eat right, exercise and get plenty of sleep to help boost your body’s ability to fight the effects of colds and the flu.

I'm happy to share this part with you...there is a part that I edited out because I don't feel like posting it. I know you can find what I edited out on the web. :D

I sincerely hope that you don't get the flu. and if you do get the flu that you recover from it quickly and don't share your germs with anyone else. Take care!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Letters! an idea ...

I've swiped from my friends.

I've seen this idea on a few of my friend's blogs and I've always wanted to try it...well now I'm going for it!

Dear Owner of the gymnastics gym that Darly goes to,

HOW DARE YOU?!?!? How dare you break my little girl's heart like that?!?!? We told you that we could not attend a class on Wednesday, yet YOU told us to sign up for the try-outs anyway. YOU said you would work something out because Darly wasn't the only girl who couldn't do Wednesday nights.

Yet last night after Darly did a stellar job earning her a position on the Team you had your minion come out to let us know that yes she got a spot, but she couldn't have it unless she could be there on Wednesday nights!!!

Did you really expect us to choose gymnastics over GOD??? Do you really think you're more important? I THINK NOT!!!

Lucky for you that Darly's tuition is already paid for the next 4 months! We know that Darly has the skills to be on the USAG Team, Eagles or Cara... and while my little girl's heart is breaking over not being able to do this, she won't give up God for you. I'm so proud of her! and so MAD at you!

a very ticked off mom!

Dear Roofing Companies that won't return my calls,

Yes, I realize that you are super busy right now. Busier than you've ever been...but if you want to continue to be busy, you should have someone answering the phones! I won't be giving my business to someone who doesn't have the courtesy to return my phone calls...if you can't be bothered to call me back now, how can I believe that you'll call me back when I give you my business. pshaw! You won't! Which is why I WON'T be calling you back or giving you my business. oops! There goes $11K for you!

a not that stupid homeowner!

Dear House,

Would you PLEASE stop piling up with junk all over yourself? You're really letting yourself go and it isn't attractive! Stop it now!

Your owner

Dear Postal Carrier,

Would you please STOP filling my mailbox with junk mail that I don't bother reading? You're continued stuffing of my mailbox is leading to my House's problem with the piles of junk (see letter above)!!! I have to rip my name and address off each piece and then recycle all this paper and I have NO IDEA where the recycling center got moved to!

resident, occupant, and homeowner

Dear Dishwasher,

You had better stop leaving a film all over my dishes or I'll have to call someone to come and take a good chunk of my money (money that would otherwise go to supplying you with the nice dishwashing packets) to come and rip you all the pieces!!!

Your owner

Dear Snow,

Just go away!!! It is only October for pete's sake! Now we don't get to go to the Pumpkin Patch for our yearly trip. I really wanted to see the bunnies this year. Sigh!


Dear brother,

Would you take a few seconds out of your life to call and check on your sister? I haven't heard from you at all since my hubby went out of town. Your wife my have told you that I bought a new car, but you probably don't even know that. And sorry I had to HIDE you on my FaceBook account, but all you ever post are cryptic Computer Geek updates for your potential clients.
I don't even know if you intend to be in town for the holidays, and I don't want to invite myself over.

Oh and can you let our other two brothers know that they should be checking in on me too? I know that oldest brother is intending to come out for the annual Ski week.

Your favorite Sister

Okay, I think I'm done now! Whew! That was kinda fun!

Friday, October 16, 2009

another busy week

Monday I was asked to come in to cover the phones so the staff could have a meeting. Darly went shopping with her friend. So I go, but I forgot to ask how to use the phones...luckily there were only 3 calls...but it turned out that the meeting ran long thanks to a HUGE issue within the church. Hopefully we can get it all worked out soon.

Tuesday Darly & I went to this place called Jump Street. It is an indoor trampoline "park" where they have these HUGE trampolines all over the floor. It looked really cool. Darly thought so because it was her idea to go there. However, the place was soon packed with kids who had been bussed there. WHAT? Why are children who should be in school at a park that should be being used for kids who are home from school during the day??? I don't know. sigh Well Darly was not happy that she couldn't get a few feet of trampoline to herself, but I wouldn't leave until our time there was case she changed her mind at all...also I was chatting with my friends. hee hee

Tuesday night - gymnastics. I'm so glad that Darly didn't injure herself at Jump Street and was able to go to the gym. Cuz she did a near perfect bar routine! YAY

Wednesday we met up with friends for lunch before going to CYT Denver's production of Beauty and the Beast. Turns out we had met Belle at Church a while back...she was awesome as were the rest of the cast. I was a tiny bit disappointed with Beast but the rest of the kids were awesome and cast so well.

Wednesday night Darly's friend had dinner with us and loved my Pizzania and then the girls went to confirmation...where they went to buy goodies to ship to the soldiers.

Thursday was a day off, but Darly & I went to Kohls and bought her a new wardrobe cuz she's outgrown everything!

Today was Girl Scouts where the kids studied different cultures and we had some foods from different cultures. I brought cream puffs from france...yeah right, they were from the grocery store's freezer. :D but we had a lot of yummies.

Tomorrow I hope to drag Darly to Stemapalooza. Last year she didn't have a good time, but this time SHOULD be better.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Dh left me a list of stuff to do and how to do it. Now that the weather has gotten colder it was time for me to shut off and drain the sprinklers. Unfortunately Colorado got hit with a very sudden cold snap sending us into freezing temperatures very quickly. By the time I realized the sprinkler lines needed to be drained I didn't have the time to do them they way Dh told me to.

Here's his list...

Shut down: At first freeze
1. Shut sprinkler water line off in basement.
2. Open cap on line in basement. Cover to drain into bucket
3. Open valve at on backflow outside with a flathead screwdriver. Let water drain into bucket in basement.
4. Run sprinklers though full cycle. A minute or two on each zone.
5. Close outside valve at backflow, and cap nipple on the line in the basement. Empty bucket.
6. Make sure Mom’s was done too.

and here's what I did...
1. shut off sprinkler water line in basement. check!
2. open cap on line in basement. Cover to drain into bucket.

and here is where the plan changes. Step 3 takes place outside and it was already dark out. So I decided to leave it for later and hope for the best.

That night temperatures dropped to the 20s! But I had left the line open in the basement and it was still dripping all night.

The following moring it was still bitter cold out, but I tried to complete the list. However, there was no difference and I noticed ice crystals in the valve. oops!

Today was much warmer.

When Darly & I returned from Church this morning I noticed copious amounts of water flowing down our street...on the other side from our house. As I pulled into our garage I look and see that the water is shooting like OLD FAITHFUL from my neighbor's backflow valve! I knew that she couldn't be home or she would have heard that much water running.
So I ran next door to see if our neighbor could come and help get the valve shut off. He wasn't home but his oldest kid offered to call him...meanwhile I head over.
Luckily the person who installed her sprinkler system (probably the first owner who was extreemly smart!) also installed a shut off valve right under the backflow. Although I got drenched on my right side, I was able to shut off the water quite easily.
I then talked to the neighbor across the street and learned that they had noticed the problem and had tried knocking on her door. They promised to get the owner's phone number in case anything like that happened again. I also told my nextdoor neighbor's son that I got the line shut off.

After that fun, I went to my own backflow valve to check it. Everything seemed fine...water was still dripping in the basement (I had rigged it so the water was dripping straight into our sump mess). So since it was warmer, I decided to complete my check list.

I was now able to open the valve and I heard noise of air rushing in it! And sure enough when I checked the basement, the water had splashed on my splash guard. woo hoo! I then tried blowing air in the valve like DH does, more splashing. YAY! However I couldn't get the sprinklers to do anything when I turned on the system. Normally they spit and sputter.

So I left the valves open all day dripping and closed the outside valves this evening. The line is still dripping inside, so I figured I would let it drip until either it dries up or I can hire someone to blow out the lines.

Wish me luck!

Monday, October 05, 2009

the update... or I'm such a sloth!

Okay, I haven't posted anything since Sept 24th... and this is so terrible... I'm looking at my calendar to try to figure out what all I've been up to since then and when that didn't ring any bells I looked at my Facebook.

On Sept 27th Darly had to Acolyte at Church service. This was her first time ever serving communion and she did an awesome job. Her dad (after hearing my report) and I are so proud of her. She also managed to actually do her Sermon notes. So I'm pretty happy about that.

After Church and lunch we went over to our local cemetery for a Cemetery Walk. This is where folks dress up as some of the people that are burried there to tell us their stories. I have to say that after living here for almost 8 years this was our first time to ever do this...and it will be our last. While it was neat to finally see this, I was pretty disappointed that everything that we heard was info you can get from the town's historical society in print. The one fella's script was so bad I had to bite my lip to keep from laughing. It was nice that one town resident's granddaughter played her...but perhaps it's time for her great-granddaughter to take over.

Sept 28th was Darly's book club. We had a HUGE turn out for this month. It appeared that the girls had a very good time talking about the book, but honestly I don't listen to them. I want the book club to be a lot like what I get from book clubs which means not always talking about the book, eating yummies and just having a good time. And that is what they get. We have a great bunch of girls in the club.

Sept 29th I could hardly contain my excitement as we went to the CakeWrecks book signing at a local bookstore. Jen & John were a hoot! We all had a great time. Darly made a "wreckplica" (copy of a wrecked cake) and while she didn't "win" she got a prize anyway. I don't think that anyone (but us) realized that they had a Jr Wreckinator until we came up to get our book signed. If you go to the Cakewrecks site you'll notice that Jen & John are both currently sick in a hospital in Texas...please pray for them as John is in critical condition. Poor guy!

Sept 30th we went to the park, enjoyed yummy PeiWei for lunch and then came home to my dinner disaster! I had tried to make chicken & rice in my crockpot and learned that rice cooked that long turns into GLUE!!! It tasted okay, but it wasn't good eats. Sorry to our dinner guests. I WILL make it up to you next time with food that is acutally edible!!! After that the girls went to Confirmation.

Ahhh finally into this month...

October 1st we went to a coop class on making stop action movies with a digital camera. The kids learned the history and mechanics of making a stop action film and then got to acutally do it. I learned that there is very easy to use software available online to take the pictures and make them into a movie. Too cool! While we were there we enjoyed playing with our friend's new kitten. This little kitten is just a ball of energy and just wanted to play, play, play the entire time...I was expecting her to go take a nap...but she never did. And she pounced my head twice! LOL! But she also gave me hugs.

October 2nd was our Girl Scout meeting. The girls made butterflies for this...
1,500,000 innocent children perished in the Holocaust.

In an effort to remember them, Holocaust Museum Houston is collecting 1.5 million handmade butterflies.

The butterflies will eventually comprise a breath-taking exhibition, currently scheduled for Spring 2012, for all to remember.
Here's a slide show of the project... The girls took a coloring sheet of a butterfly and placed it under contact paper to use as a template...then they opened the contact paper sticky side up and placed bits of tissue paper on the contact paper in a butterfly design. Then we stuck the rest of the contact paper over it to sandwich the tissue paper between the layers. The end result made some very pretty suncatchers. We had a visiting grandmother at the meeting who liked the butterflies so much that she wanted her granddaughters to make her one...we had to disappoint her that these were for the project.

Now Saturday Oct 3rd was my truely Slothy day. I never bothered to get dressed! However I didn't sit around doing nothing... I paid bills, balanced the checkbook, tried to figure out my health insurance, and filled out a spending diary for a survey company that I'm a part of. If you follow me on Facebook you'll see that I also took frequent breaks. LOL! Oh and on Friday night I bought some dishcloth yard to make myself some dishcloths. One spool of the yarn is only $7 and so far I have made 3 dishcloths of different sizes. Once I figure out what size I like best, I'll make a bunch more. I think I can get at least a dozen of the large sized ones out of this...probably much more. So I made two dishcloths on Saturday.

Sunday we didn't do much either which is sad cuz I really needed to do my laundry that day. *line removed for TMI content* So hopefully I get some laundry done today...otherwise things won't be very pretty. Oh wait! I did buy a pooper scooper so Darly would complain less about picking up after the dog. Only she gets paid a buck per week to pick up...she hasn't picked up for 3 weeks or so. So I only have to pay her a buck. hummm she needs to figure out the math on this situation. LOL!