Friday, April 16, 2010

A Kitchen MeMe

Ladybug had this meme on her blog and I'm borrowing it because it's fun!

1. Do you have magnets on your fridge?
I do. TONS! Dh thinks I have too many.

2. Do you have a calendar in your kitchen, if so, what’s the theme of it?
I actually have two calendars in the kitchen. One is a week by week on the frig (one of the many magnets) and the other is from Williamsburg VA.

3. What is your favorite kitchen gadget?
I think the one I use most is my waffle iron/griddle. It has 4 changeable plates so you can have waffles, grilled cheese or grill meats.

4. Are you lucky enough to have a pantry of some kind?
Yes, I need to clean it.

5.What is your favorite appliance?
My range. I am just in love with the double oven!

6. Do you have an eat in kitchen (table in it)? Yes we do, but when I was a kid we had the eat in kitchen and NEVER used the dining room. So to prevent that I ordered that we at least have dinner in the dining room every night. Now the kitchen table is a catch all cuz we hardly use it.

7. Do you have a bread box?

8. Do you have a picture of your kids on the fridge?
Yes. She's on the side.

9. Do you ever cook breakfast in your PJs?
Who doesn't?

10. Do you have a favorite cookbook that you use?
I have many. I think I use my Cheyenne Frontier Days cookbook the most.

11. Are you lucky enough to have recipes that were passed down from your mom or grandma?
Yes. and I have one from my grandmother that she intentionally gave me graciously with missing information. I told my mom that I had gotten it and she looked at it and said "this isn't her recipe!" :( Stinker! So now I use one I found online that is very similar. My brothers don't know the difference.

12. What’s your favorite food?

13. What’s your favorite thing to cook?
Anything quick and yummy.

14. Is your coffee pot electric or stove top?
Electric, does anyone use stove top anymore?

15. Do you ever make your own bread?
Once in a blue moon. I'm not into baking.

16. Name one thing that you have hanging on your wall in your kitchen:
There isn't actually a lot of wall space in my kitchen, and what there is is covered in cabinets. But I do have a cinnamon broom hanging over the pantry door. It lost it's scent a long time ago.

17. Is there a clock in your kitchen?
YES! One on the stove, one on the microwave and one on my radio.

18. Do you have a bowl of fruit sitting on your table or counter?
No, it would go bad too quickly here.

19. What type of canisters do you have?
I have ones that match my stoneware.

20. Does your kitchen have a theme?
It matches my stoneware.

21. What’s for supper tonight?

22. Do you have enough cabinet space?
Yes... But I could use some better organization.

23. Does your family use paper plates?
A lot!

24. Do you have a good set of china?
Yes, I don't use it very often as it likes to be hand washed.

25. Do you wear an apron to work in your kitchen? nope. I have one, but never wear it.

26. Name one thing, if anything, that you would like to change about your kitchen.
The entire thing. The sink needs to be replaced but I want an under the counter mount...which means new counter tops...and since we're doing the counter tops, how about new cabinets with better organization?


  1. Can I come over for pizza? :)

    Do you have magnets on your fridge? I do. TONS! Dh thinks I have too many.
    I would have the same answer. Well, except the part about DH. HA!

  2. I am coming over for pizza!!!

  3. Can I steal this too? ;-)

  4. I've been to Cheyene Frontier Days!!!!!!!!!!!!