Friday, April 02, 2010

WThey? This can't be safe!

as you know I bought a new car this past summer. One of the really cool things that came with my car is the SYNC powered by Microsoft. A lot of the SYNC features are really cool, like being able to toss my purse in the back seat with the phone and still answer or make calls...not that I actually do that very often! I usually don't touch my phone at all when I'm in the car, but having the car answer it has been pretty cool. My friend says that the microphone is really good and when she's talking to me from it, it just sounds as if I were talking on the phone in the car.

One good feature of this was the day of my MIL's funeral. My BIL called us while we were waiting in the cemetery for our turn to use the "grave side" pavilion. (they don't have actual grave side service at this cemetery) So BIL calls us and everyone in the car was able to chat with him while we waited. I bet he thought I was holding up my phone. lol

anyway one of the BAD features of SYNC is the pre-set Vehicle Health Report. According to my handbook this was supposed to be something that I could choose to set, but someone set it before I bought the car. Imagine if you will... you're driving down the interstate in rush hour traffic...concentrating on the road...


what?  who in their right mind thought that having this thing come on while you're driving would be a good idea?  I ignored it the first time and it has since come on twice while DH was driving...the last time we all screamed NO! at it.  lol 

I dug out the manual and see that I can turn this off...YAY!  but like I mentioned before, someone turned it on.  I wonder who?  Oh well, I'll shut the darned thing off so I don't cause an accident now.


  1. I definitely covet the Sync system.

  2. Anonymous5:19 AM


  3. Oh wow, I had no idea! Cars are so smart these days...maybe a little too

  4. I would have run one just to see what it did.

    Have you seen that car that parallel parks itself? I'd have to make them demonstrate that at the dealership before I tried it in the real world. All while eating a Twix, of course.