Saturday, April 17, 2010

Party time

Darly's birthday was this week, so that means we had to have a party for her (I think it's a law somewhere or something like that!)

Monday we went to the American Girl Doll store and she picked out a few things that she wanted.  My credit card took another major hit!

The party was to be a sleep over of course because maximum playtime is a major requirement.  However, I had a few requirements of my own...namely that Darly help clean up HER MESS that oozes all over my house!  Alas, Darly is the queen of procrastination and she left all cleaning for the very last minutes (why clean it now since it will just get dirty again?  save it for right before so there's less time to make it messy again!)  You can see my eyes rolling - right?

Darly's one friend DJ's mom needed some errands run and the logistics of it meant that it would work out better for her if DJ came to the party early.  DJ LOVES to clean, so this was a good thing!  DJ came over and vacuumed my house!  WOW!  I love this kid!

Darly volunteered to dust the house...ummm she would FAIL a white glove test as there are huge areas of dust she didn't get at all.  Good thing her friends are not neat freaks.  sigh!

I'm not sure why Darly thought it would be best to save baking and decorating her cake (she's a budding cake decorator, so she has to do it herself!!!) for the party day would be a good idea.  She said something about worried it would dry out and I couldn't convince her otherwise.  So Darly & DJ bake the cake.  Darly has this idea for the design of her cake, but unfortunately that didn't turn out so well, so instead they smashed all the cake back into the cake pan and left it.

I started baking the pizzas and cheese bread, set the timer and then needed to bring down a table from upstairs.  By the time I got the table down, the timer on the pizzas went off and I didn't hear it.  Neither did the girls.  The pizzas were overdone...still very edible, but over done.  sigh!

The kids played and had a great time, but Darly's carefully planned out schedule was out the window!  I kept asking "aren't you supposed to be watching a movie now?"  The first movie didn't start until after 9pm and two movies were planned.

One of the girls had a soccer game this morning, so she needed to be picked up at 8:30am.  I woke up after 7am and hurried downstairs to get the waffles made so she could eat before rushing out.  I don't know why, but every single waffle stuck to the iron.  I've never had that happen before (ooh that reminds me that I need to clean up that mess!)  So the girls ate waffle skins.  They tasted good, but so not waffles.

Soccer gal's dad didn't come to get her until after 9am though.  I'm not so sure he was up when we called him.  he he!

but even with all the goofs the girls are having a great time, I have no idea where they're playing right now, probably the very messy basement.  sigh!



  1. Can you adopt DJ?

    And yes, I really could see you rolling your eyes :)

  2. Happy belated bday to Darly!! and yes: you deserve that nap!!

  3. Happy birthday, Darly! (Hope you had a good nap, Renee!)

  4. I think it sounds like a great time! When TC is done adopting DJ, I would like to adopt as well.

    Happy Birthday Darly! I hope you had a good bday and a great party.

  5. What a wonderful party, hope you took lots of pictures! I would have lived for a party like that as a kid, who am I kidding? I would love one now!