Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Falker Satherhood!

I decided to entertain you today with a play by play of how our Father's Day went.

Oh and if you're wondering wtHey Falker Statherhood! is, check this link. It doesn't quite explain it, but you might understand.

So, on with the show...

We started off the day with going to Church. It was a very nice service filled with hymns about fathers. I got a wee bit startled by one friend asking if she could nominate me to serve on the Church board. My first reaction was to say "Oh No!" But then almost immediately I felt an instant calm about it, so I told her it was okay to nominate me. If this is where God wants me, then who am I to argue? right?

After Church DH got to choose where we went for lunch. He decided to give us the option of having lunch at home or going to Arby's. I was okay with either and Darly chose Arby's. We enjoyed a very nice lunch that I didn't have to make or clean up after. YAY!

When we returned to the house we presented DH with his "loot." Darly made him a card and a picture that we may have framed. I gave him a card I made on the computer (cuz I couldn't remember if the ban on cards that I requested extended to him also) and new luggage. Those of you who follow me on Facebook know that I was shopping for luggage to replace the luggage that DH received from his parents when he graduated from college. They don't make luggage like that anymore, but I think that I was able to get him (us really) some bags that will hopefully last longer than 5 years. (seeing as we travel about once per year, they better last longer!)

After the loot, DH went over to his parent's house to do yard work and more work so that the house can be sold. I'm still dying to know what the folks who have seen the house think. I should email the realtor.

DH promised to try to be home by 6:30. He didn't actually get here until 7ish. So it was time for dinner.

On the menu:

Steak! grilled to perfection by our very own chef (that would be me!)
Baked Sweet potato (cuz DH & DD don't like salty sweet potato)
Sweet potato fries (cuz I don't like sweet sweet potato, more on this later)
Mushrooms (just for me! no one else likes them!)
corn (just for them cuz I had the mushrooms & a salad)

I've never been a big fan of sweet food for dinner. I didn't grow up with it, so I'm not a fan. (I don't even like lobster, too sweet! But I do like glazed ham...go figure!) DH did grow up with sweets for dinner and the sweeter the better. So of course Darly follows her daddy.
This summer I got to try for the first time sweet potato fries with garlic at my friend Marsi's house. And I found them to be pretty good. They aren't my favorite food, but I'll eat them. So I thought that I would make some and see if perhaps DH & Darly might like them also. Well when I told DH about them, his first reaction was "blech!" but he promised to at least try them.

Sorry Marsi, DH didn't like them at all. In fact he was consuming spoonfuls of brown sugar to get rid of the taste in his mouth. Sigh! Oh well, more for me!

Before we were done with dinner, Darly was requesting a trip to the playground for a round of wiffle ball with DH. DH tried to say no because it was already 8pm, but Darly has him tied around his little finger. I got out of the trip because 1) I had to clean up the dishes and 2) Here's what happened the last time I played....

well the gang is back from the ball field and offering me desert! Time to go!


  1. Happy Late Father's Day MrDarlysDad!!

  2. I like the idea of homemade cards.

  3. I love love sweet potato fries. Your Father's Day sounds like a great day for everyone.

    Did DD love his new luggage. That's a good present. I feel you cannot go wrong with luggage.

  4. Maybe that's it. About sweet potatoes and sweet foods during dinner. I like sweet potatoes baked at Christmas, with cinnamon butter, but I expect that to be sweet. Not crazy about gooey sweet potato casserole with marshmallows, Yuk. I tried the fries once, too sweet. I also don't like jelly on my toast when I eat eggs. What I really like though, is sweet potato pie!