Wednesday, June 09, 2010

simplest things

I've been suffering for quite some time with something and today I finally made the change that makes all the difference.

See I have a pair of capris that are really nice except for one very small problem...the tag! I don't know if you have noticed but sometime around the 80's the folks who sew our clothing have progressively made clothing tags more and more itchy. I think at first they were just using that plastic thread that was like fishing line but as time went by the tags themselves got more and more uncomfortable.

I remember as a kid that my mom would get upset with me for cutting the tags out of all my clothing. She said it was because she didn't know how to wash the clothes anymore, but I know that wasn't true because she washes the clothes all the same way (the same way I do!) Sort into whites vs colors and dump into the machine with cold water. So I'm not sure of her REAL reason for being annoyed by the missing tags.

shoot to today... ya know how you forget to do something until it's too late? Well that's how it was for these capris. I would put them on and think to myself, I really need to cut the tag out of these...but would be in too big of a rush to actually do it...and I would suffer. Well today I took the extra bit of time and I'm so glad that I did that I'm posting about it.

How's that for action???


  1. Way too go! I agree about the tags. Some of them are super itchy. Sister #2 hates tags! She won't wear a shirt because the tag is itchy. It's kind of funny.

  2. I find the worst ones are on tee-shirts at the back of the neck. Last week I wore a tee-shirt I hadn't worn in ages. I soon found out why, took it off and removed the offending label. I've been wondering whether to keep some of the more attractive labels and sew them into things as tags. Speaking of which, the lengths of satin ribbon inside the shoulders of some garments have been put to good use in sewing projects and for gift tags.

  3. I donno where you buy your clothes, but lots of them are going to tagless ;)

  4. I never liked my DD cutting out her tags either, but who could blame her! Good for you for taking action!

  5. I always forget to cut out the tag and spend all day hating myself. Here, here for the forethought!