Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Window Drama

who knew that what we thought would be a simple thing back in October would in fact turn out to produce such headaches?  oye!

We ordered the windows at the beginning of October but they weren't able to come measure for them until closer to the end of October.  

But it took another two weeks for them to realize the first order had been sitting on hold because changes were made when they took the measurements.  We finally got that taken care of and it would take about a month to make the windows.

Then I'm expecting a call any day now to tell me the windows are ready and set up the installation.  but NO instead I get a call telling me that my city won't allow me to put in 7 of the windows that I want.  AND to add to the stress, the guy didn't return my call!  The following is copied from my facebook.
    • STILL WAITING! I've called and left 3 messages for this guy. I called and emailed our sales rep (who did get back to me) and I called the main office. seems no one can find this bozo!
    • well it is FINALLY resolved. and I'm grumbling.

    • the problem: in bedroom windows the building code requires that the opening when you fully open a window to be at least 20w by 24h for escape during a fire.

    • the crux: the windows we ordered are only 15 3/4 h.
      the window are all 2 & half stories up...there is NO WAY anyone would use those as a fire escape!
      we have 5 smoke detectors on that floor and 3 more in the house...there is NO WAY that we ...wouldn't have enough warning to get out through the front door with our animals too! 

    • the solution: I have to put sliding windows in 3 of the bedrooms and a casement in the other bedroom to meet the required code.

    • why I'm grumbling: I hate slider & casement windows...that's why I ordered double hung windows! AND our window order was due at the end of this we have to wait some more! My Christmas decorations are still not up yet.

    • apparently we have to install windows for the next owner's escape.
      Now I'm still waiting for the window folks to send the addendum paperwork for ordering the sliders and casement window.  I should email the guy or my order will get held up again.  I DID ask if instead of holding up my entire order if they would install the windows as they are finished so that we could get our tax rebate.  We'll see, the guy I spoke to seems to think that they can finish the new windows the same time as the rest of my order...which makes me wonder if they haven't even started my order yet.  (can you see my eyes rolling?)
      The biggest pain in the butt about all of this is that for the installation we have to have the areas around our windows clear of curtains, no blinds, no get the idea.  Well it's Christmas time and I can't put up any of my decorations yet because I'm waiting on these bozos.  Grumble!
      Hubby wants to cancel the entire order.  LOL!  He is just saying that cuz he is having buyers remorse and doesn't want to pay for them. 

      UPDATE:   I got a call at about 12:30 from our sales guy.  He said he needed to meet with me to go over the changes for our window order.  Luckily he was nearby and offered to meet me at the house...I was at first panicked about trying to drive all the way to his showroom...ack!

      So he went over the changes with me and I signed all the necessary paperwork...AND they did reduce the price by the difference of ordering fewer windows.  The sales guy asked me to call my hubby a few times to make sure he knew that the price had been I believe that DH must have called him and chewed his ear off.  LOL!  and YES, I see from my email that DH did have a discussion with him about a reduced price.  he he 



  1. Well good grief. I think most building codes are well intentioned, but not necessarily based on common sense. So if you never replaced the windows the next owners wouldn't be able to escape via them just in case?!?!?

  2. What a pain!!!! I bet when all is said and done you are going to be so happy with them though!

  3. Bedroom? Why don't you just knock those walls out and make it an 8-room luxury suite!