Thursday, May 26, 2011


So Darly & I went to see a play this evening and afterward we needed to eat...

Me: So what would you like for dinner?
Darly: I don't know... something crunchy?
Me: What's that?  Popcorn?
Darly: ummm no. 
Me: Tacos?
Darly: ummm no.
Me: what???
Darly: I think I want that pizza at the mall.
Me: umm that's not crunch...and I think the mall is closed.
Darly: well what do you want?
Me: anything
Darly: okay I'll eat just about anything too.
Me: okay how about Wendy's?
Darly: no
Me: Subway
Darly: no
Me: oooh!  I know... how about those little pizzas at the grocery about 20 min we'll have pizza AND crunchy.
Darly: no

I suggested a few other things and she said no to them
Me: FINE!  We can just go home

After passing all food possibilities and are walking distance from home...
Darly: What about Quiznos?
Me: NO!  We are going home!

We get home and I make myself a bagel.  Darly pouts on the couch.
Me: are you going to eat something or just starve because you're mad at me?
Darly: Starve.
Me: okay fine!

about an hour later...
Darly:  Okay, you win.  I'll go eat
Me:  I didn't realize it was a contest. 


  1. LOL. I would have given in for Quiznos. :)

  2. I would've gone for the tacos. But only because I just had a frozen pizza for lunch Sunday.