Wednesday, May 11, 2011

well no wonder! - Rant!

Today a friend of mine posted on Facebook a rant about this article

Basically some kids had a contest to see who could ask a girl to the prom in the most creative way and the boy who won is now banned from going to the prom because he trespassed and vandalized the school to do it.

The reason I'm ranting is that my friend and her friends don't seem to think what the boy did was trespassing (one said because our tax dollars pay for the school therefore making it our property) or vandalism because the letters were just taped to the building.

Um this is why our country is such a mess folks...if we don't all agree on the laws that we agreed upon then we have a problem.

I'm a bit torn about if the punishment fits the crime.  I mean typically if you vandalize something, they make you clean it up and do some community service...and if you trespass you usually get a fine and more community service.  However, I can see the school's perspective that if the parents didn't bother to teach their child that putting words up on a building you don't own is called vandalism then perhaps keeping the child from the activity they are vandalizing over is the right thing to do.

I think that I may have to show this to my child and see if I've raised her up right.  I sure hope so.


  1. The punishment is a bit severe if you ask me. He used tape, not paint. It is not vandalism if he takes it down and leaves nothing behind. It's the same as putting a sign up on a wall... there is no difference. I think that the school system is up in arms about a whole lot of nothing.
    Nothing was damaged - therefore, it's not vandalism.

  2. But you don't go putting up a sign on a building that isn't yours.

  3. This one is too easy to see from both points of view. Unfortunately people want to let things like this off the hook because "he really didn't mean any harm." Unfortunately too many people get let off the hook.

  4. This is a tough one, but yes if rules were broken there needs to be a punishment. You can't just go around breaking rules, and then saying that it wasn't a big deal. Rules are there for a reason!