Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Money for nuthin - FARCE!

sigh!  I re-learned that nothing in life is free.  I should have known better...but alas I got sucked in.

recently a friend of mine posted a link on her facebook for free air line tickets.  I knew better, but I need air line tickets, so I clicked on the link...and happily gave them my contact info so I could get the free tickets they said I had won.

Then on the next page I learned the horrible truth!  It was a page that told me to get the "free" tickets I had to sign up for some more great offers.  you know the ones... "Try Netflix!" "Bookclub of the month!" "check our lower insurance rates!"  blah blah blah.

I immediately closed the window but of course it was too late...they already had my email address.  And soon enough the spam started hitting the fan.  UGH!

Since I also foolishly gave them my real address, I'm sure I'll start getting junk mail galore too.  Time to renew my subscriptions in the "Don't send me junk mail!" lists.

*hangs head in shame and leaves the room*  http://www.ecocycle.org/junkmail/index.cfm


  1. Did you also donate to the Krakatoa Volcano relief fund? :)

  2. I learned this one the hard way too. Except mine was for a website that gave free storage of photos. Every time I visited that site, I had to go through about a dozen "offers." One time I thought I clicked next but evidently clicked OK. I never gave the company any info, but an extra charge for a voice mail service started showing up on my phone bill. I was livid, especially because whenever I contact the phone company about my bill, I have to jump through all kinds of hoops to "prove" I'm me. Yet they let some random internet company make changes with no input from me whatsoever. I finally got the "service" cancelled, but not after a big fight with the company offering the service. Lesson learned.

  3. I can happily report that after a few days of telling my email account...google that all this stuff was spam they got the hint and started using the filter I have on there. whew!

    and I haven't seen one bit of junk in my mail...perhaps I hit the don't send me fast enough! YAY

  4. I love Gmail's spam filter. It's the best ever. So glad this has worked out.