Monday, October 17, 2011

Don't Ask updated

Hubby went back to the doctor on the 11th for a follow up appointment.  He was able to see his regular doctor who found that they had forgotten to send his x-ray from the 8th to the radiologist...which meant there was NO official diagnosis of pneumonia. :p  Doc was pretty sure that he had it though.  She felt that the anti-biotic prescribed was stronger than she would have given him...but I don't care.  I would much rather "nuke" the pneumonia than start low and work our way up to the big guns.

Hubby went back to work on the 11th to an ice cold office (they hadn't switched on the heat yet) so he came home feeling worse from trying to keep warm all day.  The doc said his lungs sounded much better though (even though she hadn't heard them on Saturday.)

On Friday hubby had to start working out side for a few days and that seemed to be a set back as he was cold and tired each day...but now he seems much better.  I forget when he goes back to see the doctor, but he does have another follow up.  And of course if I feel that he didn't kick this when he finishes up this round of antibiotics we'll go back for some more.

Just bothersome that I feel as if I have to be the real doctor here and we're just using the paid doctor to get the medication we need. :(

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