Monday, October 17, 2011

Grandma's Birthday

My grandmother turns 90 this year in December.  She has two daughters, my mother and my aunt of course.  My mother stopped speaking to her mother and sister years ago over many years of wrongs on both sides and I don't see that ever getting cleared up.  Honestly it's my opinion that it is best for things to remain this way.

That said all the grand kids decided that we would like to take grandma out to a nice restaurant for her birthday.  There's a few problems with this...  two of us live in another state... one of us is about to be unavailable for a long time... and we're all very very busy.

Ideally it would be nice to take grandma out ON her birthday in December.  But the one who won't be available for a long time leaves at the end of November.  (sorry to be so cryptic here)  So it would seem that we need to do this in November... but then one of my cousins is going to another state for most of the month.

So what to do?  I suggest that we do this in two parts... those of us available in Nov can do it then and those of us available in Dec can do it then!

Now I have one weekend in November completely free of planned activities, that didn't work for the others.  I have one weekend that is all planned, but I can have hubby take over for me that weekend and make it work.  That seemed to work for at least 3 of the 6.

To make that work...
Darly has auditions and confirmation retreat on that weekend.  So hubby would have to take her to the audition scheduled before the confirmation retreat and deal with the possible call back.
However, I found out that the retreat might get moved...easier for hubby I guess.

Now I'm just waiting for the 3 to tell me if I should buy my flight... tick tick tick

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