Friday, November 18, 2011


So we're finally to the week that I'll travel to Florida for my Grandmother's birthday celebration.  so much to do, so much to do!!!

I am doing laundry today so that I can plan out my trip wardrobe and see what bag I need to pack for my trip.  I'm pretty sure at this point that I won't be needing to use any of our rolling carry on bags...I won't have that much stuff to take.  Hopefully my mother doesn't plan for me to take a bunch of stuff home with me like she did for my last trip.  Oye!

I went grocery shopping yesterday to buy food for DH & Darly to eat while I'm gone.  That was kinda weird as the one night Darly has rehearsal so she'll be eating dinner there and DH will have to fend for himself for dinner.  I didn't buy him anything special, but there will be his choice of left-overs, 2 frozen meals, 1 pantry meal or just going out for dinner.  I'm betting he has toast with peanut butter and honey on it instead.  @@

I'll be staying at my Mom's house.  But we get there pretty late in the evening which means no time to shop for my morning coffee.  So I've bought some powdered creamer to pack and take with me because my mom thinks my use of creamer is wrong.  sigh!  I hope the TSA doesn't give me a hard time about taking it with me.  Perhaps taking liquid creamer would have been easier if I just packed it with my shampoo?  We'll see.  Worst case I have to toss it, but I hope they let me mail it back home instead if I can't take it with me.

Mom is planning a big family dinner for the full day that I'll be there.  She wants to serve all the family favorites.  She can't cook the family favorites anymore so guess who gets to do that?  Oh well, I guess it is a small price to pay for free room and board, eh?  I'm just hoping that there will be vegetables.

I advised DH of Darly's schedule for while I'm gone... they're not coming with me by the way because Darly had rehearsals for her show.  Then I find out today that one of the days the location has changed.  Luckily DH has been to both locations plenty of times.  I'll advise him of it again, it is written down on the calendar and Darly knows where the rehearsals are.  I HOPE that they get it right when I'm not here.  I've also wrote down the start times with a 15 min buffer window as DH doesn't share my sense of timeliness and prefers to plan to be there with just enough time to be 5 min late.  It has taken me years to get over this and as I have he seems to have let up on this and lean more toward being on time.

There won't be internet service at my Mom's house.  So I'll only have Mobil Web on my phone.  Luckily that gets me email and Facebook, but it means I won't be able to do any work. :(  Luckily again the weekends are pretty easy going and I have my co-workers to help me out too...I will probably come home with nothing much to do.  Hummm I should find out about getting my other counters to help with the computer bookkeeping at Church too.  ???  It couldn't hurt to ask.

Weather is going to be interesting for this trip.  When I leave it will be nice here and I won't need a coat.  When I get there it looks to be HOT!  I could pack and wear shorts, but I won't subject the poor citizens of FL to that much whiteness.  And then when I return it is supposed to be downright COLD out.  So I've asked Darly to make sure that my coat is in the car when they pick me up.  I plan to leave it in the car before I go, but knowing DH he'll put it away for me.  nice guy!

When I return I have the joys of getting ready for Thanksgiving and Jury Duty.  I won't find out until the day before if I actually have to report...and I won't find out until I report how long the trial is supposed to be.  I would HOPE that we don't have to sit over Thanksgiving for this...but who knows.  I also hope that if I'm chosen for the jury that the trial is interesting.

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  1. Florida? Wow, that's quite a buffer zone you have there.

    I'll watch the news for the story about the airport being shutdown because of the lady with a mysterious substance that turned out to be coffee creamer.