Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Ode of Funky Teenager!

Scrooge is now over and we need to clean the costumes.  Dry Cleaning on some of the items would seem like the logical choice, but we don't have the budget for that.  So I've tried other ways to get rid of the smell...

My first attempt was to spray the pits of the stronger smelling items with Frebreeze and then hang them outside in the sun.  That worked well for about 75% of what I had...however, some of these items really STINK!

So next I tried tossing them in the dryer with that Dryelle stuff.  Didn't phase it.  perhaps I put too many items in the bag at a time?  I don't know. 

Looking on line I've found some more first turning the garments inside out and then hitting them harder with the Frebreeze than I did the first time.
Another idea was to try rubbing alcohol or vinegar.
and another idea is to try the Dryelle again but only one garment at a time.

oh and I'll try washing some of the items with water anyway, because they don't seem as if they're as delicate as some of the other moms first thought.

Wish me luck.

oh and Darly & I are seriously considering handing out trial sized sticks of deodorant for the next show.  I wonder if some of the kids don't bother...and should!


  1. This reminds me of the episode of Seinfeld with the smelly car.

    "This is beyond B-O. It's BBO!"

  2. You're so right Bone! It's BBO!!!

  3. Make each kid's mom responsible for cleaning the costume! Maybe they'd notice and get the hint. :)

  4. hmm - by the time you have run the dryer several times, you will have used enough electricity to get them dry cleaned for the same price?

    I would go down the washing route - delicate cycle, if you have a front loader, wool or silk setting if you have it to be really sure. Most things can be washed no problem. It's just that some things crinkle in the wash and are a pain to get ironed after.

    Only things you have to be careful with is wool and felt, they can shrink or get stiff.

  5. MsMoople: I only ran them through the dryer once. Since the Dryelle didn't work, I turned them inside out and hit them with the Febreeze again...then I just left them inside out. I've already returned them to the costume closet. Hopefully they won't smell too bad.

    And you're right there were a lot of items that other moms deemed non-washable that I would have tossed in the wash. We have so many items in the costume closet that I'm not worried if we loose something to washing.

    However the one dress did have a faux fur trim on it (think Mrs Clause dress) that I wouldn't try washing.

    What gets me is that there were plenty of items that didn't get smelly...worn the same about of time by the kids. So I really think that we have a deodorant issue going on here. I may bring a large can of deodorant to the next show. ;o)