Thursday, May 03, 2012


So currently we are working on Darly's play... Thoroughly Modern Millie Jr AND her confirmation*. The play runs from May 10-12th. Confirmation will be on May 13th. This week we had a Confirmation class last night where the kids went over their witness statements and how the ceremony will go. They also did a review of all that they have learned over the past two years. Oh I forgot that Tuesday I received an email asking us to come and perform one of the numbers from Millie to advertise the show to other folks who pretty much already know about the show. Since we were already booked with a ton of stuff to get done that day, we didn't go. Today Darly has her class showcase. This is where at the end of taking their classes the kids show off all that they have learned. In order to be in this theater group the kids are required to take classes. This evening should be fun to see all the cool things the kids have learned. Tomorrow rehearsal. (normally a day only used if we had to cancel a rehearsal due to bad weather...we didn't have any canceled rehearsals, but the directors chose to have this one anyway.) Saturday is Super Saturday. This is an extra long rehearsal where the cast will run through the show twice. I got a call yesterday that the directors were considering asking us to bring in the costumes so the kids could run the show in costume and learn their fast changes... a great idea. HOWEVER... waiting until 3 days before to spring this on us was so not cool. Our normal Super Saturday for costumes is to prep the costumes for the show. We iron or steam them, make sure they are all labeled and ready for transport to the theater. Some of the costumes aren't even made yet! The location where they will be doing the Super Saturday rehearsal is NOT set up with dressing rooms or even a back stage area, so it doesn't really give them an idea of how things will go. And doing this means we 1) don't get the costumes ironed (unless I do that all by myself today & tomorrow...which I am obviously NOT doing if I'm typing this out. lol) and 2) means the costumes have to be packed up and transported to the rehearsal and then packed again to go back to my house until we can move them into the theater on Monday night. Luckily, after I emailed all the directors and my costume committee about the possibility of this happening, the directors backed down. And Super Saturday will be our normal ironing session. Course that means that hubby will be hiding...but he joked about sneaking in a few of his shirts to get ironed. Next week we have Monday night - move into the theater. Tuesday & Wednesday rehearsal. Thursday 2 shows. Friday 1 show. Saturday 2 shows and pack EVERYTHING up and move out of the theater afterward. Sunday is confirmation! :D Just call me CRAZY! Oh I wonder if anyone remembered that we need to recognize the kids who are graduating this year??? *Confirmation: In our Church after a period of instruction our youth "confirm their baptism" and profess that they believe in God and accept Jesus as their Savior.

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