Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mother's Day

a recap of my Mother's Day events for you... As you know I was uber busy with Darly's play for the past 10 weeks. So there was all of that plus her confirmation plus her regular end of our school year stuff! Perhaps I should move the end of our school year...just to make this time of year easier? IDK So I knew I wouldn't be able to send my mom her usual Mother's day present (Girl Scout cookies) because Darly didn't sell any this year and we bought our stash from the girls posted at the grocery store. *pout* So I racked my brain over what I could get for Mom. Let's see... well she could use this... but who wants that for a present? right sigh! so after getting a bazillion ads for flowers as Mother's Day gifts, I decided to get mom some plants delivered. Ideally it would be nice to just call up a nursery near her and have some plants for her yard delivered...but she really can't plant them herself anymore and my step dad is just as hopeless. So florists sell plants...I'll get her plants. My credit card of choice sent me a coupon where I would get a deal and get extra cashback. However, since I told hubby I wasn't going to use it, he cut out our address and put it in the recycling bin. When I dug it out, he had also cut out the coupon code. So instead I used the florist who is attached with our member card. For that one I log in and it sends me to the website...their florist is FTD. FTD has you enter the zip code for delivery and then shows you a list of what is available to order. Mom lives in Florida, so getting most anything shouldn't be a problem. I picked out a very nice 25% off for my member card and got it set up to deliver on the 11th at 4:30. Right away I got a confirmation email...the next day I got an email that they had shipped my delivery via FedEx with a tracking code. Check FedEx and yup, they set up for pick up. This was on May 9th. On May 10th my tracking still looks the sign of pick up. Hummm I wonder if they just didn't scan it or something or if the computer is being slow. On May 11th in the morning it still hasn't changed any...but I was busy with the play that morning. At 3:30 my time (5:30 her time) I checked and FedEx has now deleted the expected delivery time as the package was never picked up. I contact FedEx and was told the shipping label was printed, but no package was ever shipped. So I contacted FTD asking for a trace on my package. Ignoring me FTD sends an email saying that my order has been canceled because the product I ordered wasn't available. WHAT??? How can I order something that isn't available... your site said it was in stock?!?! Oh and the email said I could order something else and get $10 off of it for my trouble. "Um... my original discount of 25% was more than $10 off!" Numerous emails from me were flying...all of them ignored except for the auto generated emails that say "we care about you...blah...blah...blah" Okay, now what will I do about Mom??? So I hop on Google maps and see that there are 3 florists in her is right down the road from her house AND they have a website. I get her a bigger basket of plants for about the same price AND they can deliver it on Mother's Day! Wow! Saved the day! Click, click, click...DONE! I sent glowing reviews for that florist. Now for my mother's day... Saturday night we were up very late as we had to do the 7pm show and then had to get all of our stuff out of the theater. Kids were all excited and it took a long time to get all the costumes turned in. At one point I asked some kids to go & see if they found anyone else still in costume. We got all loaded up and home at 12am...but I still needed food for Darly's confirmation party. So we run to the store to get that...home by 1:30. Beat, we go to bed! 7am roles around way too early. Get ready and to Church by 9am. My brother's family made it not only on time but early! They took the boys over to McDonalds to play before Church. The service was wonderful! I'm biased, but my daughter's witness statement was the best! Well it was at least the best delivered... her acting chomps showing very well...she could be heard and she kept the audience interested. :D My Mother's day present? Um well hubby did the grilling and all the dishes for me. So Darly & I went shopping. I got myself some plants and some new hot rollers on Monday. Tuesday I found out that I had won a gift certificate for my favorite garden center so I got myself some more plants! :D Now to get some dirt and go plant all my prezzies! :D Oh and I need to buy groceries. :p


  1. I've had that happen before -- ordered off a website from a local florite where it clearly says something is available, then get a call later saying "we don't have any of those." I don't think florists' websites are the most up-to-date.

    1. well the website said they had the right to do a substitution if they didn't have it. I'm just annoyed that they didn't bother to cancel my order until after I asked for the trace after it should have been delivered.
      I don't think that I have EVER gotten exactly what I ordered flower-wise online. I need my mom to turn her phone back on so I can hear what she did get.