Friday, May 25, 2012

latest projects...

I decided to try my hand at making these.  What are they?  you ask...  They are felted coffee sleeves.  Right now they are drying because they just spend time in the washer to become felted.
    Right now I have 7 made.  I'm making so many because I'm doing this as a fundraiser for Darly's Mission Trip.  She and 9 other youth from our Church along with 4 adults will be going to Gulf Shores AL to help with a VBS and School Supplies outreach that our sister congregation runs each year.  We currently have about half of the money that we'll need for the kids to go.  
Currently I have them in purple and teal, I also have a pink & brown yarn that I'll be making them in.

And here we have pictures of the plant box that I made from the pallets featured in my Achey Brakey Back post.  See, not very pretty, just functional.  Plants in the box are Roma Tomatoes, Green Bean seeds (you can't see them) Eggplant, cherry tomatoes, sweet peppers (two varieties) and slicing tomatoes.  The red box to the left will be squash and the red box to the right is lettuce & spinach.  Then on either side of that are maple trees (a project that Darly & DH are doing to see if they can get them to grow!)

If you would like a felted coffee sleeve, let me know.  Right now I'm limited in my yarn colors, but as soon as I check out what kind the major sewing place carries I'll probably have most any color.


  1. I would love to find some pallets to do that! They came out great. And I hope you sell lots of coffee sleeves.

    1. I found these at a storage place near my home. I asked the guy in the office if I could have them and he was glad to get rid of them...I'm not quite sure they were his to give away though. ;o)
      I originally used them to make a bridge for our Girl Scout troop... we put two on the ground and then one on top. I stapled cardboard on top to make it a bit sturdier for the girls to stand on.

  2. Gulf Shores!!!!! Now you're speaking my language!

    They have to eat at Lambert's! And stop by the Pink Pony Pub! Oh... well maybe not the pub :) But Lambert's for sure.

    1. I'll pass on your comments to the group. I'm not entirely sure that they have it in the budget for eating out though.
      Any other suggestions?