Thursday, January 31, 2013

Deadlines mean nothing

to some people that is.  o.O

Recently we had this person who signed up for her free trial on the homeschooling board that I help run.  When her trial ended, I sent her an email ("pay up or we delete your account" but much nicer of course!) and didn't hear from her so I deleted the account.  SEVERAL months later she emails asking why she can't get in on the board. ???
So she renews and then wants to know why she can't get into co-op.  Um because the deadline was yesterday, another one will be coming up in April.  :p

Then I sent out financial statements for my church yesterday.  I would have done it sooner but I was having connection issues with my computer.  The deadline for getting them out was today.  Today I get an email that someone forgot to turn in their receipts that they want counted. :p  I could be wrong but I don't think that you have to turn in the receipts to where you give something to be able to claim them.  I know the IRS doesn't allow the receiver to put any value on the items.  Oh well.

I would love to adopt the policy "Lack of planning on your part does not create an emergency on my part."  But alas I have to be sweet and some folks consider that snarky.

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