Monday, January 07, 2013

What a birthday

I've had some bummer birthdays before, but this one really took the cake (btw: the cake was amazing though!)

First I was still sick...still am.  bummer

Second I threw out my back while trying to pick up the dog to take her to the vet.  oye!  I ended up taking a muscle relaxer that night which helped a tiny bit.

Since my birthday was on a Friday night, and I was sick, and my back hurt, I decided that instead of trying to figure out where to go for dinner that we would just stay in and DH & Darly could make dinner.  Darly like the idea and planned the menu.

But then Darly got the nosebleed that refused to quit so DH ended up making more of the dinner than either Darly or I thought possible.  Mostly because when you try to give DH direction he QUESTIONS everything you tell him.  Like he knows more about cooking than even I do?  o.O

However, dinner turned out pretty good.  My cake was good also but I made that myself the night before.  My gifts were great...gotta try out my new comfy jammy pants!

Next year I hope to not be sick and never pull my back out again.  Oh and I still have a birthday dinner out to look forward to!  Now to figure out where in the world I want to go for that.  :-/


  1. Happy Birthday Renee! But I'm so, so sorry you've been sick and hurt. Not the way anyone wants to make a birthday memorable. Hopefully that birthday dinner will well make it worth it. :)

  2. When you said it was a bummer, I thought you were gonna say DH gave you cash again, and a "Pal" card :)

    Happy belated birthday, Renee!