Tuesday, January 01, 2013

"Ringing in the new year"

...sick as a dog. :p

a few days ago I started feeling this bug coming and yesterday it started making me KNOW it was coming.  So I got to ring in the new year while being sick.  Unfortunately that made things a bit less for the rest of my family as well.

Luckily I had a freezer full of chicken stock so I made us a nice chicken & rice soup.  Since I really can't taste any difference anyway, I decided to add red pepper flakes to my soup.  I think that it helped to clear up my sinuses a bit...sorta!

I spent the majority of New Year's Eve on the sofa either reading, watching a bit of TV and sleeping.  (Yeah, I know how to party!)  I found the two New Year's Eve celebrations on TV to be rather lacking in anything I wanted to watch...so I watched other shows while I was alert enough to care.  This seemed to bother my hubby a bit, but he didn't fuss too much as he doesn't care for that garbage they were showing either.

At 11:55 I switched over to NBC and then ABC to see what they were up to.  Both were still very lame, so I just kept switching back and forth.  We saw the ball drop (I don't know which channel we had it on for that) and Lilly decided that something was going on (she had no idea what) but that it must require running around all excited with numerous stops at mom for reassurance.  LOL!  What a nut dog!

We toasted in the new year with a glass of bubbly... sparkling apple cider (yup, we live large!) and then switched the channel to some movie or something before I zonked back out again.

We are expecting more snow here soon, which will be good as the old snow is mostly a mess of black slush.  :p

I'll be spending the day dosing myself with every cold remedy that we have...vitamin C, salt water gargle, etc and will probably zonk out on the couch again here soon.  w00t!

Oh and I have a new nephew, born on Dec 29th and today is my "little" brother's birthday.  (I used quotes because all of my brothers, while younger than me are all taller than me.  That's a good thing though because really being a short man in our society isn't so good, but folks don't care if you're a short woman.)


  1. I was sick over New Year's, too! Why am I putting an exclamation point, it's nothing to be excited about?

    I use crushed red pepper on a lot of things -- pizza, soup, chili. Well, OK, so a few things.

    Anyway, I'm feeling better. And I hope you are, too.

    1. I use crushed red pepper on my pizza & spaghetti sauce also. I don't fear the peppers.

      Check my next post for how I'm doing. LOL