Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Birthday Plans

Darly's birthday is next month and she wanted to come up with something "epic" for her party.  Surprisingly she wasn't at all interested in doing any of the go somewhere else type parties.  Being highly sensitive to noise I can see how having her friends at home would be more appealing.

So after googling many versions of Fabulous Birthday Party Ideas we came across ...

Murder Mystery Party!  She liked that right off the bat.

But she also wanted her friends to be able to dress up as any character they wanted to...not just the characters in the mystery.  So we have...

Comic-Con Murder Mystery Party!  and now her friends can be anything...  but how to tie this in to the storyline?

Well we had to write our own story.  Hummm that seems hard.  So we did some more research trying to find a murder mystery kit that would fit in with our theme... um not so much.

And then we found where someone had their guests come up with their own character for the mystery.  Ah HA!

So now the guests will come up with their own character, and name (so for the party they'll be 3 people... who they really are, their costume character, AND their mystery character)  bwahaha!  They will each write a brief bio of themselves with how they know the victim and then an alibi. 

At the party each guest will read or act out their part and then we'll vote on who we think "dun-it"  The person with the most votes is our killer! 

DH asks: "What if there's a tie?"  - they did it together!
"What if it's a 3 way tie?" - they hired a hitman!
"What if it's a 15 way tie?" - we'll have to provide more evidence and vote again.

The invites went out today and the guests are excited...most are involved in theater, so this should be really fun with all the drama!

Due to scheduling the party isn't until May... but I'll try to have pictures.


  1. I say just wait a few years and she can be on My Super Sweet Sixteen.

  2. That sounds like such a fun party! Very clever and I know everybody is going to have a lot of fun.