Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Dogs don't like to go to the store!

Today I saw again a car with an extra "alarm" of two poor hot dogs waiting while their owner went into the grocery store. 

I would like to take this opportunity to remind folks that your car gets baking like an oven out there in the parking lot...all that heat can cook your poor puppy's brain. 

Your dog is not happy to go shopping with you, they are stressed because they've been left alone in the car and all these strange people keep trying to come and steal your stuff.

Have you ever had to wait in the car while some other person said "I'll be right back"?  No matter how fast they do come back it seems like FOREVER!  This is what it is like for your dog and why they are so happy when you finally do come back.

While the car is in motion your poor dog is trying so hard to not fall over.  An unrestrained animal in the car can become a projectile if you need to stop suddenly or are in a crash.  I saw today a poor husky get his head stuck in the cracked window...if the driver had stopped quickly the dog could have been strangled, had his neck broke or worse.

Sure your dog acts like they love to go for rides in the car, they want to be with you.  Even my Lilly runs for the car and jumps in, but as soon as we get going (with her secured in her crate) she starts whining because she does not like riding in the car.

Unless your dog suffers from separation anxiety they are much happier at home, doing their job of protecting your house from vicious mail carriers.


  1. I've seen dogs riding in cars. They do seem to be excited to be there. Or maybe they're panicking.

    I can't think of a Seinfeld reference for this. Which is odd, because I saw Seinfeld in concert tonight.

    1. well the yorkie in the van on the way to Monticello doesn't quite work as they couldn't get the dog to bark.