Monday, March 11, 2013

Happy? Monday

I see that it has almost been an entire month since my last post.  :p

Since then well we had that dog's 12 week post op appointment.  The update on Lilly is that she is still doing very well although she does limp and hop in the evenings...usually because she decided that it was worth it to "spaz out" a time or two during the day.

Darly started rehearsing for her new play.  She is the Old Widow & a Maiden in Robin Hood.  NO not maid Marian, but one of her back up dancers.  As the Widow she has 3 children who insist on pulling her arms out during their number.  Hopefully that quits soon as Darly needs her arms.  ;o)

I've been busy getting costumes for the show.  Turns out that our show and the other show by the same group are a week apart and both the same time we are "fighting" over costumes.  Robin Hood is first so I "got" first dibs on the costumes.  I need to send the other show pictures of the costumes we are using so that they can use them for their show also.

I had a director's meeting for my homeschool didn't go so well.

Took Lilly to the groomer.  At first I was pretty upset because they were taking so long with her, but then I found out they did that because they were going easy on her leg.  She still looks really good.

We had a blizzard and Church was canceled.

More CYT - costuming the kids

Ice skating with the church youth group.  I fell down after the Zamboni had come through...also my skates were about as dull as they come.  I've decided to shop for our own pairs again...we had some a few years ago, but of course Darly out grew her pair and mine weren't the right size.  Hopefully Darly's feet have stopped growing as these will be hers for life.

Darly took a class on needle felting.  She likes it.  I don't know what to do with the homemade dust bunnies though. ;o)

More CYT costuming!

oh and we had that time change thing.  oye!

Yesterday Darly & I met some of her friends and saw Oz the Great & Powerful or whatever it's called.  It was really very good.

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  1. I was in Moby Dick when I was in 11th grade. But I wasn't Ahab, nor the whale. Just a nameless sailor. And I don't remember having a costume, either. Actually, our entire set consisted of little more than a few plastic spears and couple of refrigerator boxes, which may or may not have contained a live chicken.

    Must have been a really crappy play.