Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Sewing season

Sunday at Church one of my daughter's friends asked if I might be able to hem up a dress she had bought for her to wear this Thursday!  Lucky for her I wasn't committed to sewing costumes for a show and had plenty of time.  Of course I had no idea what I was getting into until I saw the dress.

She came over Sunday afternoon and I saw that the dress would have to be taken up in the waist as the bottom was too intricate (there were a lot of layers of very sheer material).  But taking it up in the waist means adjusting the zipper.

So I pinned up the length, removed half the zipper, sewed the hem up, and then reattached the zipper.  As alterations go, this was not all that difficult. 

Then yesterday I learned that the show that my daughter's theater group is currently doing (Darly didn't audition for it as the songs drive her buggy) will be getting the costumes that they are renting this week and have to scramble to get them all fitted to the kids as they open next week!  So I contacted the gal in charge of costumes.  and Darly & I will be helping to fit the costumes this weekend.  There are also several dresses that will need hemming.  FUN!

If you don't see me for a while, I'll be sewing.


  1. I think I would have declined on the dress. What a job! And good for you for doing the sewing for the show. It will probably be a fun change for Darly too, especially as she won't have to listen to the songs, LOL

    1. actually I wasn't all that concerned with the dress...it was a pretty straight forward job. I probably spent more time fretting over it than actually working on the dress...and I also spent another 30 min getting all of her dog's hair off of it. It looks like the dog curled up in the dress. I'm also looking into trying to get more such jobs to give us some more income as my time gets freed up here soon.

    2. That would be a great way to make a little income. Just have to keep Lilly in her own bed. :)

    3. my dog stays on her own beds. the dog hair I was "fighting" with was the dress owner's. Lilly has 3 beds...make that 4. and they're all not in my sewing room...that's upstairs where she isn't allowed.