Monday, May 11, 2015

Day Book

I'm going to try this in a feeble attempt to get this blog going again.  LOL
For Today... 11 May 2015
Outside my window... stupie neighbor is power washing his extra driveway that is right up against the retaining wall for my practically right outside my window.  ugh! 
I am to KILL neighbor and hide the body.  Why won't these people MOVE?!?! They have the original family...parents & 3 adult boys + at least one gf/wife/babymommah and child.  I don't understand why NONE of the boys has ever moved out.  Unfortunately, father is a contractor so I'm sure he has finished the basement to make plenty of living bunkers for the entire clan with room for gf/wife/babymommahs for the other two boys also!  apparently multiple complaints to the HOA are worthless and make him less likely to sell & move as then all the leans would be finally collected.
I am thankful... that my cold is almost over...I think.  I'm coughing a lot this morning, which I hope means that my body is trying to expel the last of this.
I am wearing... PJ's of course...I'm still sick!
I am creating... phlem!  sorry.
I am going... to Orange Leaf this afternoon for a fundraiser.  I'll drug up if necessary, but I sure hope that I don't have to.
I am wondering... If I should move my blood donation appointment to next week instead.  I should go check the guidelines.
I am reading... Harry Potter again.  I picked it up to give me something to read while I'm on the elliptical, but I haven't done that since I got sick on Thursday.

I am hoping... that I can feel well enough to exercise soon.
I am learning... how to get Sullivan Promotions to stop calling me!  bwahaha!  Jerks woke me up with a call at 9am today.  Sick people don't want to be called at such an early hour!  Or any hour for that matter!
In my garden... pretty sure that anything I had going is hurting pretty badly now...we lost a huge chunk of the apple tree yesterday.  I hope my one lone garlic survived.

In my kitchen... should be quiet for the next two days.  But then will be filled with foods hubby hates!


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