Friday, May 29, 2015

organized blather

For Today... May 29th

Outside my window... It is actually sunny!  Okay it has been this way for a few days now, but after having nothing but rain for most of the month seeing the sun is sure refreshing!

I am thinking...about everything I need to get done today.  Darly has an audition, so I have to print out her resume and get a new headshot ready.  Wishing her all kinds of luck to get into this show.

I am thankful... that we are so very blessed.  Even with all the storms we've had we have not had any damage.  My car was pelted by hail on Monday night, but it was all very small hail and the worst my car got was covered with leaves and small branches.

I am wearing...does anyone really care?  I guess it is good that I'm actually dressed today.  I'm in my "mom uniform."  I might go change and exercise later.

I am creating... OOOH!  I found some really pretty yarn.  Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable.  I love the variegation of the colors...and this one of course has my favorites.  I found a cute pattern for a shawl that will be good for church as it is still freezing there.
I'm also about to start making a dress for Darly to wear for her dance next week.  It is a "Decades Dance" (meaning the kids should pick a decade and dress like that) she chose a 50's style dress.  We found some very pretty material for a big floofy dress.
oh and I am also looking into making my next purse.  I've searched everywhere for a replacement for the bag I'm currently using that is falling apart, and of course no one makes what I want.  Why is it that when a good idea for something comes out they stop making it???  Well keep it up advertising geniuses...soon I'll just make my own of everything.  :p

I am everyone as busy as I am?  It seems that everyone and their brother wants to schedule something for this time of year.  We were invited to 4 graduation parties, I just got invited to a fundraiser concert that I had to decline, I was asked to participate in a blood drive that I am doing tomorrow as they fit it into my schedule, the audition, and I still have to sew the dress and plant my garden.

I am reading... Harry Potter -Goblet of Fire.  Again!  I know that I've read the series over and over, but I like to be reading, especially when I'm working out and since I own the books it is convenient.  I'm just worried that I'm noticing the bindings are cracking...probably our dry climate.

I am hoping... that Darly gets into this show.  all signs point to her getting in, but there are some unknowns about it.  Oh and we still don't know where the rehearsals are going to be.  A friend has warned me that the guy who runs this theater company can be frustrating.

In my garden...all I've done so far is pull out weeds and unwanted volunteers, load up the planting boxes with new dirt.  I considered buying my plants Tuesday, but I didn't because of all the thunderstorms we've had.  I'm worried that it is still too cold for the plants.

In my kitchen...I haven't done anything all that adventurous lately.  Oh wait, last night since we had strawberries I wanted to make shortcake with the baking mix that I have.  But looking at the recipe and NOT wanting an entire batch of shortcake, and no way to divide out 1 egg, I went with just the biscuit recipe adding sugar.  It turned out really well although it did taste like pancakes.  LOL!  I've also been making pizza dough in the bread maker.  I've been using garlic salt instead or regular to give the crust more flavor.  I've learned that allowing the dough to rise longer gives us the thickness we like, and getting the pizza stone up to 500 makes it crispy.

I feel that I should conclude this with some sort of wrapped up paragraph.  But honestly, I got nuttin.  ;)


  1. Wow, you had lots to say! I need to weed in the garden today. We've had lots of rain but almost no storms, which is quite odd but I'm sure not complaining.

    We have a green bell pepper that has to be nearing the pickable stage, though I'm not exactly sure how to tell. I've also seen a rabbit and chipmunk in the yard in the last few days. Oh joy.

    I hope Darly gets into her show. And NOT as an understudy.

  2. We are pretty sure that she'll get in and not as the understudy... the only other time this director has had understudies her lead got into a car accident and almost died! But this time of year would be good for baseball accidents...Darly doesn't play.

  3. When will you know if Darly makes the show? I know she loves it. Speaking of reading, have you read the Jute's Charmed Life trilogy? I don't know how it compares to Harry Potter but it's along the same lines for the same age group. I really enjoyed it!

    1. We found out yesterday... Darly is Chava! What makes it even better is the part of Fedka is someone she really likes and she's looking forward to working with him. :D
      I haven't read that trilogy...I'll have to look into it. :D