Monday, September 07, 2015

BIG Sore Loser!

Darly decided to teach DH & I a card game that she plays with her friends.  It is called Nerts.  You can look it's all over the internet and it's a game that I enjoy.

At first I was winning the game almost exclusively.  I play solitaire all the time and the game is solitaire with more people.  My winning was upsetting to the other two players though, so making sure that I was following all the rules I found that I could stall my wins to make the game higher points for everyone.  Well THAT didn't go over well when DH noticed that I wasn't playing my winning card and ratted me out.  So I had to be more sneaky about it...

At this point, DH feels that to keep me from winning that HE has to be in charge of shuffling my deck so that I can't win.  And at first I allowed this because he was being rather bratty about it and I assumed that allowing him this simple concession would calm him down and show that I was winning only by skill, not trickery.

um no.  It seemed that allowing the shuffling made him worse...even though I wasn't winning the hands anymore.  He was STILL being a BRAT about it.  He was even winning hands (okay, I was still throwing hands) but that wasn't enough to make him quit.

Sigh!  It seems that I will have to give up playing my new favorite least with DH.

I've known since meeting him that all of DH's family plays for blood at games...highly competitive and will play all night in order to be the winner.  It's so sad.  I usually do not play with any from his family.  This makes them complain that I'm just a sore loser... but really I don't care about winning...I just have fun playing the game...but not against any of them.  They totally take all the fun out of the game.

At one point Darly gave DH a mini speech about how it was JUST A GAME OF CARDS!  It was awesome.  I told her that I couldn't be more proud of her.

I'm pretty sure that sore loser totally ignored her!  sigh

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