Saturday, September 12, 2015

Not that it will help any...

today I posted this to my Facebook


someone decided to use Facebook like Twitter to keep me totally up to date on a soccer game.  Not to worry, she wasn't the first who felt like I needed to know all about the game...  I've had several Facebook "friends" who wanted me to be aware of other sporting events or other things constantly! 


While I'm sure that folks on Twitter aren't wanting the play by play either...but really I'm pretty sure that it doesn't go on Facebook.

I had unfriend a family member recently because their FourSquare let me know where she was...all the time!  and even though I hid her posts they kept popping back up.  and I couldn't block FourSquare because I use it for the discounts...sigh!

Maybe I should just stop social media-ing....  yeah right!


  1. Great explanation! But I must live in a cave - there's social media out there I've never heard of. OTOH, I have no time! I can commiserate with you however. The blow-by-blow is the reason I abandoned twitter. I just can't keep up ...

    1. I never got a Twitter because I didn't want the blow-by-blows...but I can't seem to escape them.

      I also need to find and post a if you need a message to go to a person privately send it not post it on their Facebook wall for all the world to see...and then if you send a PM don't post on their wall that you did it, they'll know. sigh!

    2. ... and on and on ... LOL