Thursday, December 03, 2015

Just what I don't need!

more stress!

DD is in the middle of a show.  A Christmas Carol.  I'm in it also.  :D  and I've been working on making our costumes and some extra bits for the rest of the cast...the majority of the costumes are being made by my friend and they'll all become part of her costume rental when we are done.

our tech week schedule has changed so I may have to cancel our trip to the Operation Christmas Child distribution center to pack boxes... most of the folks who were going have to be at rehearsal.  I have to break the news about this to DD today...I'm sure she's going to be heart broken.

and today we are heading off to a theater conference.  but let me share that saga

My daughter and her friend are both students of  a voice teacher here AND the president of highschool's Parent Patron's club.  (I believe you heard from him when we first learned that our girls did not have IE spots)  He likes to have all of his students compete in different events as their scores reflect on him.  So he highly encouraged us to attend theater conference this year and made arrangements for us to go through highschool's Theater troop... even though when I inquired last year I was told that homeschoolers could go solo to the event.

We first asked highschool for permission to join them and promised that highschool would have no responsibility for our kids.  All they had to do was get us in the door.  They agreed, took our money and registered us for just theater conference...while not registering us for the IEs that we requested (the ENTIRE point of us going pretty much.)  Apparently the person in charge messed up several other students IEs as well.  There was no communication between highschool and us after they got our money.  Apparently the person in charge of doing the registration was under the impression that we would register for our IEs ourselves...but no one told us that was part of the process.  and apparently this was NOT part of the process for everyone as several of highschool's theater troop did get registered for their IEs through this person.

After we found out that our girls were registered but not for IEs we also learned that I, as their chaperon needed to be registered also, but no one knew how to do that.  That's where I got in touch with you while voice teacher badgered anyone who would listen.  He learned just a few minutes ago that I am registered to attend. 

okay, so we can go to the conference and I can go also.  DD can do her audition for college because that was separate and I did it.  whew.  Now the scheduling and negotiating all the getting there, food and stuff.

DD is a picky eater.  Friend is a vegetarian.  We have to figure out how to feed both girls.  fun as Friend is used to just eating at home.
Showers for all of us to leave the house by 7am for two days.  yay

I'm gonna hide now


  1. What a fiasco. The non-communication is pretty much the mark of incompetence.

  2. and I just realized that when I cut and pasted that big saga portion I forgot to take out some of the stuff...that was from the email that I sent to the director of the conference.