Friday, December 11, 2015

Playing the run around game!

I cut my finger while getting ready for Thanksgiving on Nov 25, 2014  We went to our closest ER and got me all stitched up.  DH paid the co-payment while I was being treated and went home on our merry way.

We soon got our Explanation of Benefits(EOB) from our insurance and all was good... or so I thought.  Honestly I didn't read it and notice that I "still owed."

Even so the hospital didn't bother trying to get the left over $90 until Sep 23, 2015!!!  hummm couldn't have been hurting that much.  :-/

So I see on the bill from the hospital that they have broken up the charges for my visit so that rather than paying just my normal co-pay, I was charged 3 times and owe a co-pay for each charge...thus the extra $90.  I call up the hospital to ask why they have charged me 3 times and no good reason...just that I owe the money.  I got rather testy with the guy, said "I AM NOT PAYING THIS!" and hung up on the jerk.

I then called up my insurance.  Where they immediately saw that yes the hospital had billed me incorrectly and said that they would take care of it.  I received a new EOB in the mail shortly afterward showing that my co-pay had already been satisfied.  And thought nothing more of it...

Oct 27th when I got a bill for the entire amount minus $450.  (about $2K) ???  The bill says that "If you provided insurance information, it was billed and all efforts to collect from them have been exhausted."

can you say WHAT???

So I call up the insurance on Nov 4th and the gal there says they paid on Oct 15th.  She calls up the hospital billing who says they'll investigate...should hear in 30 days.

on Nov 26th the hospital sends another bill for the $2K.  I've been busy, so today with a bit of lag time I call up the hospital.  They say that my bill is still outstanding and that no, they have proof of my insurance but that the insurance reversed the payment.  Say what?  They guy who just happens to be the exact same guy that the insurance gal spoke with on Nov 4th says that insurance gal never sent him an EOB.  But if I fax him one he'll look into it. 

I don't have a fax, so I get the snail mail addy.
In the mean time I call up the insurance and they say that they'll send the EOB by the end of today.  (humm... not so trusting now) so I ask "just for grins...can I get that fax number?"  he gives it to me and I google how to fax from my computer.

I scan all the documents and fax it to them.  So I've either opened up a can of whoop butt or confused the world.  sigh

All I want for Christmas is a paid hospital bill!

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  1. Good grief. No wonder I don't trust those folks.