Monday, December 07, 2015

oh that wasn't all!

The theater conference saga continues!

We arrived at the conference earlier than the school we were going with.  So we hung out, they had provided music in the lobby for the kids to dance to, but we mostly just people watched and kept an eye out for our group.

At about 10 til their arrival time, I checked with registration to see if they had showed up yet... they had NOT.

At 20 min after they were supposed to arrive, I checked again.  Seeing as the first session was due to start in 10 min the registration gal allowed me to go through the check in bag to get our badges so we could go ahead to our first session.  She just asked that we let the school person know so they wouldn't be freaked out as to why our badges weren't there.

After 3 checks we discovered that our badges were not there.  So the registration gal looked and saw that we were registered LATE (which explains why we couldn't get our IEs).  So they printed out our badges and sent us on our way.  We never did check in with the highschool...although we were at one point sitting near them and said hi to several of the kids we knew.

The schedule for the conference indicated that the vendor hall would be set up before the conference and be open during the entire thing.  um... not so much!  After our first session when the others were checking into their hotels we went to check out the vendor hall and there wasn't anyone to talk to...EXCEPT for the one college that has been bugging us like crazy since we first signed up to is in another literally the middle of nowhere.  So while they may have a decent program, they don't have an audience for any of their shows.  :-/

I'll spare you the details on how I thought a lot of the content presented at the group events was totally inappropriate for high school kids and totally juvenile in the gratuitous swearing.  Let's just say that I am SO very glad that my child isn't in the public school system as the director was PROUD to be able to present this garbage to our kids.  sigh!  I got an earful from some totally liberal brainwashed mother on Facebook that if I didn't like that content then Theater isn't what I should be involved with.  Sorry but I choose to not pimp out my child for entertainment value!  And so far my child has indicated that she won't audition for shows that compromise her morals.  I pray she stays strong in that.

Good things about the conference are that she and her friend got to do a lot of very interesting classes and DD did her audition...where she got 5 "callbacks."  We thought going in that the callbacks would be offers to attend the schools and possible scholarships.  Um nope!  they weren't even close.  Basically, the callbacks were offers to apply and audition for that school's program.  :(  And the kicker...the school DD wants wasn't part of the process even though they were at the conference.  They couldn't spare the manpower to go to the audition due to an event at the school...projects for finals that the students had to do. 

However, DD & I were able to talk to school reps and DD got to take a class from and chat with a professor...cementing her desire to go to that school.  so we're happy about that.

Now onto getting her into a program to knock out her core required classes for free through the early colleges program.

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