Friday, July 15, 2005

Half-Blood Prince!

It's tonight! It's tonight! can ya tell I'm excited? :D

I've got a copy reserved at my library. I wonder when I'll be able to go pick it up.

So for the next week or so I'm gonna have my head stuck in Hogwartz.


  1. I got a call at 8:30am this morning from the library. My copy of Harry Potter got sent to the wrong branch!

    OH NO!

    So I have to wait until tomorrow to go and get it. Unless it gets there this evening. fingers crossed as we are spening tomorrow w/ MIL and would be much more fun to read instead.

  2. We didn't get ours yet, either. Wah! I just need to run out and do it.

  3. I still don't have mine yet! WAAHH!