Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Today I cried like a big old baby

I finished reading Harry Potter today and cried all the way through the last few chapters.
I knew someone was gonna die, but I wasn't expecting it to be him. And then when his picture was up on the wall, I lost it again 'cuz I knew that he was really gone. Although I was wondering why the painting didn't start talking must take some time after the funeral or something.

This book answered a lot about Voldemort, but the questions answered weren't questions I had...of course they are important to the story.

I'm guessing that Harry isn't going to need him for the next book. He's been told what he has to do and to let his friends help him. Which brings up another thing...
Harry needs Hermione because she's a bookworm and remembers everything she she's good at spells & stuff.
But what's Ron for?

OH! I had read a speculation about Tonks & Lupin on-line and thought that it was just rubbish...but low and behold! Sorry if that spoils something for you, but it's really a minor point.

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  1. I've read it again now. I cried again of course!