Thursday, July 28, 2005

Neighbor issues vent

Okay, it seems that everyday our neighbor is doing something that makes DH say yet again that we should have NEVER bought this house.

He said that at first because the neighbors have 3 boys and they had their basketball hoop out in the street. It is in our homeowner's covenants that you cannot leave the hoop out in the street or anywhere in front of your house. It took almost a whole year of complaining to the HOA to get that finally out of the street... the hoop now lives on it's side next to their garage...where we still get to enjoy it's lovely view!

The covenants also say that you can't store your trashcans out where they can be seen and you can't keep a bunch of stuff laying around the yard. His garage sticks out from the house about 4 feet, so he keeps all his extra stuff & his trash cans there. Since we're the only ones who get to see it, nothing can be done about it either.

Somewhere we read that you are only allowed to have 3 pets (city ordinance or something...couldn't find it in our covenants). He has 4 dogs, 2 birds & a cat. Their one dog will get started barking at our dog and begin to dig under the fence or eat at the fence to get into our yard to get at our dog. The dog has broken the fence 3 times and once dug under our fence, got into our yard and then started barking at the dogs behind us and started tearing up that fence.

But here's the real kicker. Thorn in our sides. whatever! Their house has a two car garage. They own ... get this!... 10 cars! I'm not 100% sure, but I believe that they have only 4 licensed drivers (the middle son may or may not be of driving age...if he is not yet that only gives them 3.) Here's the list... GMC Yukon, Ford Expedition, Ford Explorer(tag expired), Ford Mustang, Camero convertable, 2 Impalas (one working, the other not), white mini van (work vehicle), vega stationwagon w/ flat tire, and this very old blue thing...don't even know what it is! Oh! And since there isn't room to park them all at his house, he parks one in front of our house at almost all times. He has even done repairs on the blue thing in front of our house... "welcome to our Auto Shop!"
His house is on the corner, so he parks 2 in the garage, 2 in his driveway, 3 along the side and 3 across the front that includes our front for one...sometimes 2.
I parked my car out front one day when his cars weren't there and left it there overnight. So he knows that it buggs us, but his excuse was that when he parked the Mustang on the side someone threw a rock threw the windshield. Hummm... wonder why? (wasn't us)
And we can't do a darned thing about them. There is no city ordinance that says how many vehicles you can have and there is nothing in our covenants that says a thing about them either. We've tried...we called the police, we called the HOA. The HOA guy was really nice about it and saying he would look up other subdivisions to see if any say anything that we can use against him.

We kinda think that he might be selling the cars, but they don't move all that quickly. We've only seen one of them for got replaced by 2.

He tried to sell his house & move about 2 years ago. But he's a carpenter and has remodled almost the whole house. So when he tried to sell it, he wanted to get paid for all his work and it was priced too high for our neighborhood. No one ever even looked at his house. Darn it!

So I need prayers that someone will want to buy his house (even though it isn't for sale currently)!


  1. And after reading this advert for Real Estate, I guess no one ever
    Chin up girl

  2. And there lies the problem. Not only will his house never sell, neither will mine because no one in the right mind would want to live next to that mess!

    We are considering finding out what it takes to get a city ordinance on the number of cars allowed.

  3. My goodness! That's really bad!

  4. Yes, well, I feel your pain! My neighbor has 3 licensed drivers and 6 cars. Not to mention, they throw concerts in the back yard, have a broken trampoline overturned on their lawn, a dog that is barks incessantly at anyone within 2 blocks (and jumped the fence and ran into my DH once and left a hamburger sized bruise). They are lovely. Same covenants. Many warnings. They don't care.

    Ahhh, the joy of home ownership ROFL