Monday, October 09, 2006

Busy week ahead!

Kalani over at the pinkdiary wished for me a relaxing week. Ummm... I don't think that's gonna happen.

Monday - met with LLL mom to help her become a Leader. Took 2 LLL help calls, the one was a friend of a mom who's baby died and now she's getting a breast infection. Poor thing. Took Darly to Gymnastics and sat in my cold car reading a book because the gym is way to noisy with all the extra kids running around. Went grocery shopping.

Tuesday - we are going to the US Olympic Training Center to take a tour. It should be chilly and fun. Then tomorrow evening I have a meeting with a lady who used to head up a homeschooling group here...we're excited to hear from her.

Wednesday - supposed to be park day, but a tour that we thought was on Thursday has been confirmed for Wednesday...YIKES! Hopefully that gets worked out. But if it's cold out, I think I would rather be in the candy factory...perferably over the hot stoves. heh heh heh

Thursday - the day we thought our tour to the Candy factory is. I hope that is still true. And Thursday night is Teacher's Night Out...I'm so outta there!

Friday - Pumpkin patch field trip, Birthday party at the pool (indoors of course!) and Darly has make-up gymnastics class.

Saturday - we don't have anything on the calendar...but we could go to Lowe's to build a project. Darly said she wanted to do that.

Sunday - Sunday school, Church service and then we're supposed to be making bookmarks that have the Lord's Prayer in Spanish to send to Mexico with the youth group. I'm just excited that Darly is finally old enough to be in the youth group. They don't do all that much at her age but it's getting more involved that counts.

And next week doesn't stop either.

Bone asked what's wrong with my car.
Well DH says that the right front tire feels like it's wobbling. Probably from when he hit the deer with it. And we know that the front driver's side headlight was knocked out of alignment. And then anything else that could be wrong with a car that's going on 12 years old. But it's still plugging along and DH says that we'll keep it until it's driven into the ground.

And Carmen wants a grown up slumber party. I kinda get that when we go camping with our friends. But my friends & I are planning to take a trip up to a cabin for a no kids weekend least that's what she's been promising. I'm guessing that it will have to be in the spring as we're hitting snow season now. I need some more info on this cabin...must haves: HEAT and HOT WATER. I can't be cold.

Thanks to everyone for your kind comments about our friends who passed away this week. And the comments about Iraq as well.


  1. Well, by the looks of things you can forget about this week. Maybe next week?

    The Pink Diary

  2. I guess you are a little bit busy, huh? My week looks similar to yours. Tuesday - stack 4 cords of wood and ballet for LLB. Wednesday - Teach class. Thursday - Ballet, handbells, and something else... I cant' remember...
    Gotta make LLB's lunch!

  3. yes, camping to me is a rustic LOCATION with a hotel with the amenities. :)

  4. Have you had snow already? I was watching Monday Night Football and it was snowing in Denver.

  5. hey you posted on my currently malfunctioning blog at regaring Williamsburg. I posted my trip at and I am wondering if we had any of the same stories

  6. I'm exhausted just from reading about your schedule!


  7. Pumpkin patch field trip!!! That sounds super fun. The only pumpkins that me finds around here are the ones in the stores... and we always eat them pumpkins :)

  8. Anonymous9:07 PM

    gah, busy week, that's somewhat of an understatement.
    i'm at the age now where i must have a real shower where i go and a real bed, not to sure about the sounds of that cabin.

  9. Renee, I do hope you'll schedule yourself some Catnaps. This is a very important activity and is necessary to stay fit and cheerful.

  10. Good heavens! And we thought we were busy!

    Purrs - KCC