Monday, October 09, 2006

Weekend update

Since I've got nothing better to do right now (or I'm putting off doing something much more productive) I thought that I would tell you what I did this weekend.

Saturday was a Girl Scouty thing that one of the girls in our Troop needed a ride to get to. Her mom couldn't take her because something else came up. So I said that yeah, we could swing by since it was on our way and get her... then I came up with a brilliant idea!

Why don't I see if she could just sleep over on Friday night and then we could just go straight from my house. The mom was up for it, so I took GSG home with me. On the way we stopped at the grocery store to get pizzas since I hadn't planned on a dinner and all kids love pizza.

The sleepover went great. Darly & GSG had a blast and GSG must have thanked us about a squillion times for having her over. She was very sweet.

Saturday morning DH & I were having breakfast and Lilly starts getting all excited about something she sees in our backyard. DH goes to investigate and Lilly starts barking. Then we notice that it's a squirrel! Wow! We have NEVER seen a squirrel in our yard or neighborhood before. Lilly woke up the girls of course. Which was a good thing as I was about to go wake them up anyway.

So we go to the Girl Scouty thing and this event was WAAAAYYYYY bigger than anything that I was expecting. I mean I expected there to be eleventy squillion Girl Scouts there, but I didn't expect for there to be that many "tag-a-longs" (aka Girl Scout siblings) and even regular people...we didn't have the whole place to ourselves. So we ended up being there for the entire I was thinking this would last about 2 hours or so. HA HA HA HA! I didn't pack a lunch and I left my money in the we had to wait until we were done to go eat. The girls were really very good about the eating thing... but by the end we were all like way to tired to hear the speaches the folks were giving out. So we decided to skip the last 4 or 5 booths (btw: did I mention that there were a whole bunch of booths for the girls to stop at to learn about different topics so they could earn steps toward 5 badges? One badge they were given outright, another was completely earned and the others they got at least one of the 6 required steps towards. In fact Darly & I were able to complete an additional badge just by talking about the other steps.) The booths that we skipped were sites that you would normally see if you visited this place. So I just told the girls what I knew about the booths as we were walking back to the car. So we got to the event at 10:30am and did not leave until 3pm.
I then took the girls to Chic-fil-a for lunch and then we headed to GSG's house to take her home. Darly & GSG played in her yard while I talked to Mom about our day and her day and a whole bunch of other stuff too. I was bushed! We had leftover pizza for dinner.

This morning we got up for Church. Darly & I went to Sunday School and learned the story of Moses & the burning bush. And the kids got to watch a really cool experiment. You put a small candle in a pie tin of water. Put food coloring in the water to make it more visible. light the candle and place a small clear glass container over the candle. Watch what happens.
I had the kids guess what they thought was going to happen...none of them knew. Do you?

We then went to service... and got some bad news. One of our members is going to Iraq on Tuesday. I was actually wondering when he was leaving because his wife had told me that he was going back during Vacation Bible School...that was when they found out he was leaving. So we all said a special prayer for him and his family. I'm sure that everything will be all right but I get so weapy about these things.

And then we found out that two members had died during the week. The one member I was expecting as she had been ill for a long time. But she's the office manager's mom so I expect that things will be hetic for a bit. The other member we knew was sick, I just didn't realize how sick he was. The Church had just honored him for being an Adult Sunday School teacher for a long time and he had finally retired from doing that. Our one pastor was in tears about him which of course made me get weapy again...I can't watch other people cry.

After Church we came home for a quiet afternoon. I found out that a book I'm currently reading is due back to the Library this Wednesday and I can't renew it because someone else wants it. Luckily I don't have too much more to read. I think that I'll be able to get it finished...possibly tomorrow night.

Tomorrow morning I have to meet with a person who will hopefully become my LLL co-Leader after our meeting. I've been waiting for a co-Leader for a long time so I hope it all works out. I'm hoping that I can back off a lot from how much I'm doing so perhaps I can enjoy it again or retire from it.

DH wants to get my car fixed tomorrow. I'm worried about how long that will take as I've got a busy week scheduled and I can't be without my all. I suggested that perhaps I should rent a car (after we find out how long it will take of course.) And he's not willing to do that. So I look at my schedule and see that I don't have any days free this month until the 30th! So DH starts giving me a guilt trip about my car falling apart... he should have mentioned that I needed to schedule this before I scheduled everything else...or we should have take it to get fixed while we were in VA. Oh well


  1. I feel sorry for the families having family members being sent to Irak...but it is the way it works...
    Hey, not only kids love pizza, lol!
    THANK your for your bday wishes and visit !! :)

  2. I'm glad Darly and her friend had such a great sleepover. Sleepovers are great! I think adult women should do them as well. :)

    so I'm dying to know what happened with the candle.

  3. Sounds like a packed weekend! Perhaps you can forgive yourself for not doing something "much more productive!"

    You needed a rest after that!

  4. What's wrong with your car?

    That last paragraph just reminded me I dreamed about cars last night.

  5. I still have most of my badges smewhere...they are smushed in a plastic jar. There are so many...I would love to compare them to today's designs! I bet they are different. lol

    A friend of mine who does scrapbooking events was thinking about doing an Adult Women Scrapbooking Sleepover. That might be a neat idea! I agree with Carmen...grown women need silly/fun sleepovers at times too! ;)

  6. Anonymous10:19 AM

    pizza is always an easy dinner for us too.
    btw, i've played that bejeweled game, i love it. why can't they be real though?

  7. Sounds like a pretty busy weekend, and I'm sorry to hear that about some of the members of your church :(

  8. i feel for those who have family memebers in Iraq. My brother-in-law is going in January.

    Sounds like you had a busy and emotional weekend! Hope you get to relax a little this week.

    The Pink Diary