Saturday, October 21, 2006

Thanks Jen!

My good buddy Jen decided to get a song stuck in my head today. Oh she wasn't just picking on me...she shared this with everyone else too.

So now in the interest of sharing my good fortune, I present THE LLAMA SONG!

And in case that's too fast for are the words!

Here's a llama
There's a llama
And another little llama
Fuzzy llama
Funny llama
Llama llama duck

Llama llama cheesecake llama
Tablet brick potato llama
Llama llama mushroom llama
Llama llama duck

I was once a treehouse
I lived in a cake
But I never saw the way
The orange slayed the rake
I was only three years dead
But it told a tale
And now listen, little child
To the safety rail

Did you ever see a llama
Kiss a llama on the llama
Llama's llama tastes of llama
Llama llama duck

Half a llama, twice the llama
Not a llama farmer llama
Llama in a car
Alarm a llama llama duck

Is that how it's told now?
Is it all so old?
Is it made of lemon juice?
Doorknob ankle cold
Now my song is getting thin
I've run out of luck
Time for me to retire now
And become a duck

Wanna know more about the Llama song? Click here. Wanna kick my butt? Sorry I'm not home right now. :D


  1. I'm not even gonna click on that link. It took weeks to get it out of my head the first time I heard it. Nope. Not gonna do it again. :)

  2. It's odd... it's mesmerizing... I kinda like it in a sick sort of way....

    Llama llama duck....

  3. glad you got your technical difficulties taken care of.

    I didn't click on the link, because I didn't want to hate you for getting song stuck in my head. ;)

  4. You're welcome!

  5. I watched it I think 4 times through. When the kids came home from school I was all "half a llama, llama llama"

    They looked at me as though I had lobsters crawling out my ears.

  6. OMG so since then it has been STUCK in my head!!! the girls LOVE it.

  7. Llama, schlama. What about kitties?

  8. I have never heard of this song before.....but even thought I am tempted to, I am going to resist clicking on that link. I think it might be a little scary.

  9. Thanks, Renee! I'd been wanting the lyrics to that. Nothing more irritating than having a song stuck in your head that you don't even know the words to.