Thursday, October 12, 2006

Technical difficulties

You may have noticed that I haven't been visiting you as much as normal lately... because I CAN'T!

I think it was on Monday that I noticed my little Window's Update thingy blinking and so I just clicked on it and said okay...not even checking what it said I needed to download. Well since then my computer life has been very slow.

I was having HUGE problems going anywhere where there were any kind of ads. Including everyone's blogs. And my computer has completely forgotten all my cookies and passwords!!! ARGH! I had to call a friend to see if she could hack in and figure out what one of my passwords was because I hadn't written it down on my cheat sheet. She suggested that I have the same password for everything. LOL

Most of my problems have cleared up by my changing my security levels to the lowest allowed. My computer seriously asked me "ARE YOU CRAZY????" A friend has suggested that I slowly increase the security level until I can get where I wanna go and still be safe...right now that level is Low or no security. BAH!

My biggest problem is that my email accounts on Yahoo are not allowing me to use the Reply, Delete and Move buttons when I have a email opened. This is very frustrating because I can't reply to my friends with out copying what they wrote and then closing the email and opening a Compose window, copying their email into it and then replying. And then to delete, I have to do that from my email list instead of at the opened email window.

Just about ready to take this thing back to the computer geek and have him fix it...but that's $100 or about.

Lesson learned...Never Ever download another update from Windows...can't be trusted. Die MS, Die!


  1. microsoft is evil. :)

  2. I would try a complete reformatting. It's work but the machine is like new when you are done.
    Hope it all gets better,

  3. Did the message really say that? How funny! Hope your computer gets fixed soon!

    The Pink Diary

  4. You might try downloading some spyware detection software, if you don't already have some. AdAware SE is good, and free.

  5. So should be fun ALL the time :)

  6. I use Adaware too!

    I hate those stupid update things, they always restart my computer even though I keep on telling them not to!

  7. Aren't computers frustrating?! Angela R's DH is an awesome computer "geek". He's worked on mine a couple of times and always does a great job of fixing it...

    Good luck!

  8. How can I say this nicely? MS sux.

    My mom is having trouble with hers, too... screen is crazy - extra large letters - won't downsize... quicken info gone... very scary! Hope you get your system back up and running soon.

  9. Anonymous9:36 AM

    i've had the same problems, there are some blogs i go to that i can't comment on at all, so i e-mail instead.
    i actually have the same password for EVERYTHING in my life, it's just so much easier. i know it's not safe, but it's so much easier!!!

  10. This is why I got ahold of an old computer and installed Linux on it, just to see and learn.

  11. if only we could rid the world of windows... the fresh air would be... well, refreshing!!

  12. computer in really bad computer doc now.

  13. Hope you're back soon! See you at the meeting :-)